Putnam Insights Launches Bio Website Sprint Program

Empowers Biopharma and Medical Technology Companies with Comprehensive, Affordable Web Presence in 12 Weeks or Less

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Putnam Insights LLC, a leading provider of strategic communication solutions, is delighted to announce a broader launch of its innovative Bio Website Sprint program. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to provide biopharma and medical technology companies with a streamlined and affordable solution to develop comprehensive, impactful websites.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, a compelling online presence is essential for biopharma and medical technology companies to effectively communicate their mission, vision, values, and showcase their cutting-edge technologies, products, and partnerships. The Bio Website Sprint program by Putnam Insights is poised to transform the way these enterprises present themselves to the world.

With this program, Putnam Insights leverages its extensive experience in strategic communications and web development to help companies construct a website that not only adapts existing materials but also strategically supplements them to enhance the company’s narrative and resonate with stakeholders. The result is a website that tells the clearest and most impactful story possible, providing prospective partners and investors with a comprehensive and engaging resource to assess the company’s potential.

Key features of the Bio Website Sprint program include:

Rapid Development: Companies can have a fully functional, professionally designed website within just 12 weeks, ensuring a quick and efficient online presence.

Proven Navigation Format: The program utilizes a proven navigation format that guides visitors seamlessly through essential information about the company, including its mission, culture, technology platforms, product line, pipeline, investor news, and partner programs.

Cost-Effective Solution: Putnam Insights offers this cost-effective package to suit the needs and budgets of biopharma and medical technology companies, ensuring that even startups and privately-held companies can benefit from a robust online presence.

Customized Content: The program adapts existing web materials while adding strategic content enhancements to frame the company’s narrative optimally.

Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: The Bio Website Sprint program empowers companies to engage with prospective partners and investors more effectively through a compelling and informative online platform.

Interested biopharma and medical technology companies can learn more about Putnam Insights at www.putnaminsights.com. To learn more about the Bio Website Sprint program, contact

“As the digital face of your organization, a well-crafted website is a critical tool for success in the biopharma and medical technology industries,” said Ray Jordan, partner at Putnam Insights. “With our Bio Website Sprint program, we’re excited to provide companies with an efficient and affordable way to establish a strong online presence, enabling them to connect with stakeholders, partners, and investors effectively.”

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