Pure Terpene Supplement Pioneer Black Rock Nutraceuticals Expands Popular Nápreva Product Line for Natural Healing

DOVER, Fla., Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Black Rock Nutraceuticals today announced its expanded lineup of Nápreva for people and Nápreva K9 for dogs.  Nápreva is a dietary supplement comprised of concentrated sage, West African black pepper, Japanese cypress and avocado terpenes formulated to help with symptoms of inflammation, pain and other chronic conditions. Repeat customers say that Nápreva is life changing.  Products are available now at www.napreva.com

“The hemp industry has popularized terpenes, touting minute traces that differentiate hemp species,” said Brandon Hart, founder and Chief Science Officer. “We work with numerous plant species to find the purest sources of key terpenes in our products. In field use, people say that Nápreva’s specific combination and concentration of terpenes help ease chronic pain and related symptoms with no negative side effects.”

All plants produce multiple terpenes. Dominant terpenes define a plant’s scent, flavor and use by the human body. Certain plants have been prized for centuries for the health benefits of their terpene profiles. Although there are no terpene products approved for medical use in the USA, linalool (lavender); limonene (citrus); ocimene (basil) and numerous terpenes are studied and used worldwide for treating pain, depression, insomnia, drug addiction and other conditions. 

US regulations prohibit companies from making therapeutic claims without massive amounts of clinical data. On the other hand, FDA-approved food products with “natural flavoring” often use more terpenes for flavor, color and nutritional enhancement than the recommended serving of Nápreva. As a byproduct of food-industry data and nearly a decade of field use, we’re confident that there are no negative side effects from Nápreva’s ingredients whereas many OTC and prescription drugs for chronic pain and inflammation have serious side-effects ranging from gastrointestinal bleeding to addiction.

“The dire consequences of FDA-approved opioids reinforce the importance of rigorous scrutiny of test data for therapeutics,” said Steve Kalman, Black Rock CEO. “However, dozens of plants have been documented and used as medicine for centuries, giving us reasonable certainty of their efficacy and safety in humans. We work to compile the data necessary to challenge restrictions against therapeutic claims for Nápreva and other naturopathic products. Today, we make no such assertions, but urge you to visit www.napreva.com to read what customers, including doctors and veterinarians, have said.”


Nápreva is a proprietary formula of pure terpenes for people and dogs. NáprevaPLUS adds industrial hemp CBD isolate. Customers say Nápreva helps with symptoms of chronic pain and other conditions. Using terpenes found in FDA-approved food products and in whole foods, Nápreva may be safer and more cost-effective than many prescription or over-the-counter drugs.


Black Rock Nutraceuticals harnesses the power of plants in more accessible, cost-effective and safe alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs with damaging side-effects that are frequently prescribed to treat chronic pain and other conditions.


Kathryn Higa 
Black Rock Nutraceuticals 
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