ProgenaBiome’s Abstract in ADAA Links Gut Dysbiosis to Anxiety Disorders

VENTURA, Calif., Feb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the world, affecting roughly 301 million people¹, or an estimated 4% of the population, worldwide².

ProgenaBiome, a genetic research lab dedicated to studying and understanding the clinical implications of the microbiome, is on the forefront of researching anxiety and its links to the Microbiome to help treat the millions of people affected by anxiety disorders globally.

ProgenaBiome’s abstract about gut dysbiosis and anxiety was accepted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) last month- an organization who works to prevent, treat and cure anxiety disorders and depression. ProgenaBiome’s findings include identification of a pattern of gut dysbiosis that leads to anxiety.

ProgenaBiome’s research is the first of its kind; it links specific microbes to anxiety. These findings will allow ProgenaBiome to possibly develop live formulas of bacterial products to help treat anxiety disorders and alleviate the millions of people suffering.

Further, this research suggests that gut dysbiosis could be linked to other mental health conditions, opening the door to studies about the Microbiome and its link to mental illness.

ProgenaBiome is growing their team and research but cannot do it without the support of their community and the Microbiome Research Foundation.

About the Microbiome Research Foundation:

The Microbiome Research Foundation is dedicated to helping patients with diseases of the gut flora (microbiome). The foundation runs on donations and sales of their product Biomeboosters. A portion of these funds help pay for education and those unable to afford microbiome testing.

It is hosting its 4th annual Malibu Microbiome Meeting August 10/11, 2024 in a private vineyard in Malibu. Sponsors and attendees can purchase booths and tickets here.

About ProgenaBiome:

ProgenaBiome is a standalone research company pioneering the world of Microbiome research with their worldwide network of scientists and doctors. Along with their research, the company is bringing verified, reproducible assays to market and is looking to partner with investors.

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