ProgenaBiome Given Presidential Award at ACG Conference for Microbiome Research

VENTURA, Calif., Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Last month, ProgenaBiome™, a genetic research lab dedicated to studying and understanding the  the microbiome, received yet another presidential award from the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) at the ACG Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver. This marks their fourth year of attendance at the conference and third consecutive year of presidential-level recognition for research on the microbiome.

The ACG conference brings GI physicians and researchers from around the world to discuss the latest clinical information in gastroenterology and hepatology. According to ACG, each year less than 5% of accepted abstracts are awarded the presidential distinction for “high quality, novel, unique, and interesting research.”

ProgenaBiome was given the award for their research on commercial Probiotic products. Their groundbreaking findings indicated significant discrepancies between probiotic food label claims and their contents. More specifically, only five out of 25 tested commercially available products with label-promised Bifidobacteria – an organism essential for a healthy microbiome – truly contained the bacteria.

Dr. Sabine Hazan, world-renowned gastroenterologist, and founder of ProgenaBiome, explained that this research raises an important, though disheartening, fact about the commercial health industry.

“The abstract on probiotics shows the need for quality testing of health products by an independent party. But more importantly, it shows that there is marketing and influencing that exists to mislead consumers,” said Hazan.

In addition to this research, ProgenaBiome submitted 3 abstracts which present cutting edge research that could majorly alter understanding and treatment of the microbiome.

The second abstract introduced the findings that support the concept of an individualized microbiome, meaning gut bacteria varies by individual. This research suggests a complex interplay of host-specific factors that play a role in microbiome diversity.

The third abstract defied the narrative on Ivermectin, showing that Ivermectin has a role on the microbiome short-term. Which could benefit investigators using it for various therapeutic interventions.

Hazan believes that in this growing industry, ProgenaBiome’s authentic microbiome research is the “key to science,” even if met with controversy.

Hazan noticed a growing number of articles have been retracted in the last four years.

“This goes against the essence of science. Science is about controversy and defying the narrative. Science is about ‘prove me wrong.’ Retraction of research should never occur for this reason,” said Hazan.

The fourth abstract ProgenaBiome submitted describes “significant microbiome changes” in patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) following treatment with Bovine IgG. These findings suggest that Bovine IgG may influence essential gut bacteria – specifically Alisteps, Bacteroides, Bifidobacteria, Actinobacteria, Bacteroidetes and Proteobacteria – to help manage IBS and IBD symptoms.

These abstracts are the result of ProgenaBiome’s community of specialized physicians who explore topics that others in the medical community see as too daunting or controversial to study.

“We do the research nobody wants to do because of expense and controversial nature, but it is research everyone wants to know. Anything short of challenging the narrative is not science – it’s propaganda,” said Hazan.

ProgenaBiome is a standalone research company that is not backed by a large pharmaceutical corporation, but it is interested in guiding the pharmaceutical industry towards this new frontier of research.

Their research is funded by individual donations and proceeds from sales products “Lets Talk Sh!T”  book and Biomeboosters.

“We cannot do this without support from our community, so please consider donating before the end of the year to the Microbiome Research Foundation ,” said Hazan.

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