Piezo Motion Teams Up with Olympus Controls to Help Expand Piezoelectric Motor Technologies

SARASOTA, Fla., May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Piezo Motion Corp, a global leader of precision motor technology, today announced a partnership with Olympus Controls, an authority in engineering services that specializes in machine automation, to support the expansion of piezoelectric motors and motion control capabilities.

Olympus Controls will utilize Piezo Motion’s unique precision products to assist its clients with cost-effective automation solutions. Piezo Motion’s revolutionary precision motors contain very few parts enabling economical manufacturing volume yielding a stable and reliable final result that will now be in line with Olympus Controls’ motion-centric machines. Designed explicitly for manufacturers that require precise control in a small and economical package, Piezo Motion’s product line is the solution to the motion control industry’s needs.

“We’ve had a gap in piezoelectric motor technology for quite some time, and we feel Piezo Motion will bridge that gap,” explains Ross Goluba, the Vice President of Business Development at Olympus Controls. “We are very excited to expand our technologies and provide additional capabilities to solve our customers’ needs.”

Piezo Motion motors are used globally for a variety of applications. This includes laboratory instruments, biomedicine, optics, semiconductor, nanotechnology industries, and industrial electronic and automotive systems with an expanding portfolio of products that combine performance with dramatically lower cost than conventional piezo solutions.

“Piezo Motion’s systematic, and affordable, precision motors are in line with Olympus Control’s broad range of core business competencies,” said Hassan Kotob, CEO of Piezo Motion. “Manufacturers are leveraging the latest technologies to improve their products every day. Our innovative solutions and Olympus Controls automation expertise will provide the resources they need to help them be successful.”

About Piezo Motion

Piezo Motion (piezomotion.com) is a leader in piezo motor technology with multi-million dollar investments in research and development of affordable piezoelectric motors to meet, and exceed, the needs of today’s global markets. The company is committed to the development of innovative piezoelectric technology and motion products that enhance their functionality in a multitude of applications. We work with startups, OEMs, research institutions, and industrial companies from around the world empowering the visionaries behind their products.

About Olympus Controls

Olympus Controls (olympus-controls.com) is an Engineering Services company that specializes in Machine Automation. Most of the projects its clients present so specialized and proprietary that there is no obvious “off-the-shelf” solution. Olympus Controls help our clients with the ideation of unique and innovative solutions; then we collaborate with them to deliver the mechanical, electrical, and software pieces that take their solution from concept to reality.

Contact: Nancy DeFilippis, Piezo Motion
Phone: (941) 241-5709

SOURCE Piezo Motion

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