Piezo Motion Acquires DTI, Announces Release of New Line of Piezoelectric Motors Without the Piezo Price Tag

SARASOTA, Fla., March 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Piezo Motion Corp this week announced the acquisition of Discovery Technology International, Inc., an innovator of standing wave-type piezo technology for rotary and linear motion products. With the acquisition, Piezo Motion released a full product line of precision energy-efficient piezo motors that now makes the technology affordable for a wide range of motion control applications, at scale, in an expanding number of industries.

“Our affordable piezoelectric motors are disrupting the DC motor industry. For the first time, product manufacturers can have all of the advantages of a piezo motor at a comparable price to a precision DC motor,” said Hassan Kotob, Chairman and CEO of Piezo Motion.

Unlike the classic direct current (DC) or stepper motors, the versatile piezo rotary and linear motion motors contain very few parts enabling economical manufacturing volume yielding a stable and reliable final result. Piezo technology is inherently non-magnetic which enables motor designs for specialized applications where traditional DC motors cannot be used. Piezo motors are also immune from electromagnetic (EM) and radiofrequency (RF) interference and generate no emissions which can aid original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product compliance and reduce or eliminate shielding costs.

Piezo Motion’s newly released rotary motors, available with both open-loop and closed-loop control, are engineered using the latest reinforced thermoplastics to provide high quality and exceptional performance for OEM applications that demand precise, efficient, reliable, and economical motion control solutions with good power density and quiet operation in a lightweight package.

Piezo Motion’s linear actuator design is configured with extremely durable and lightweight materials to combine economical cost with superior precision and ultrafast speeds. Highly energy efficient for motion applications, as they consume zero power in hold position while still providing significant force.

The adaptability of the design of Piezo Motion’s driver solutions allows it to accommodate the vast majority of third-party interfaces or by using a Python API or serial command set. 

“Piezo Motion’s vision is to take the high-performance piezoelectric motor technology – which has traditionally been very expensive – and make it available to engineers working in all industries. No longer is piezo relevant only to engineers working in the satellite industry and other specialized industries, we can now make it available to those working in the industrial, automotive or life sciences industries because it’s within their grasp economically,” explains Dr. Mark Broderick, President of Piezo Motion.

The key scientific and engineering elements of Piezo Motion motors come from years of experience in research and development in how to control piezo materials, preserve energy transfer and mitigate energy loss in piezo motors.  The company holds numerous patents covering the design and electronic control of its motors. The company’s $10 million dollar investment in building its suite of technologically advanced, yet affordable products, make it a standout in the industry.

Piezo Motion motors find applications around the world in laboratory instruments, biomedicine, optics, semiconductor, and nanotechnology industries as well as industrial electronic and automotive systems with an expanding portfolio of products that combine performance with dramatically lower cost than conventional piezo solutions.

The versatility of the Piezo Motion product line offers a unique alternative design solution for engineers to consider in a multitude of applications that require piezo performance without a piezo price tag.

About Piezo Motion

Piezo Motion (piezomotion.com) is a leader in piezo motor technology with multi-million dollar investments in research and development of affordable piezoelectric motors to meet, and exceed, the needs of today’s global markets. The company is committed to the development of innovative piezoelectric technology and motion products that enhance their functionality in a multitude of applications. We work with startups, OEMs, research institutions, and industrial companies from around the world empowering the visionaries behind their products.

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