Pharmaceutical Companies Integrate Patient Insights into the Drug Development Process

COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — inVibe Labs (, a pioneer in the field of voice technology for market research, and recently included on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for the third year in a row, has successfully introduced TrialPulse, a technology platform that helps integrate patient insights within the drug development process. 

Built on the backbone of inVibe’s Voice Research platform already used by hundreds of commercial life science teams, TrialPulse is an easy-to-deploy technology solution empowering pharmaceutical companies with vital patient insights during clinical development that can be deployed across any disease state, and readily scaled across an entire organization. 

TrialPulse brings patient insights to clinical teams across six important areas, including the patient experience, disease burden, unmet needs, trial design, recruitment, and retention optimization. The innovative market research platform works by virtually recruiting a sample of real patients similar to the study’s inclusion/exclusion criteria, then providing them with relevant stimuli (e.g., protocol summaries, e-consent forms, recruitment materials), and prompting them to provide candid feedback via inVibe’s proprietary automated voice response (AVR) interview platform. 

"Our motivation to create TrialPulse stemmed from the understanding that clinical trial design and drug development strategies have a cascading effect throughout the life cycle of treatments," states Fabio Gratton, CEO and co-founder of inVibe Labs. "Without patient input, viable drug candidates can be rejected, and problematic drugs pursued. That ultimately costs pharmaceutical companies billions, and negatively impacts public health. TrialPulse helps clinical teams access these much needed patient insights, and do so with agility, cost-effectiveness, and to scale."

TrialPulse works by collecting all of the patient voice data, then analyzing it with a combination of human linguistic expertise and advanced machine learning technology, explained by this video. The interactive, searchable, filterable online portal enables our clients to listen to the actual voice responses, share audio clips with other team members and researchers, and/or simply review the high-level executive summary and visual reports created by inVibe analysts.

Inspired by the FDA’s Patient Focused Drug Development (PFDD) guidance, TrialPulse was created in conjunction with Congress passing the Cares Act which provides recommendations for ensuring patient voices are heard throughout the drug development process. Given inVibe’s proven success with innovative voice market research solutions for commercial pharmaceutical brands, the startup accelerator saw a unique and compelling opportunity to apply an analogously innovative approach to drug development.

"By providing unprecedented transparency into the hearts and minds of patients," smiles Gratton. "TrialPulse is helping the pharmaceutical industry better listen to the true voices of patients, ultimately resulting in improved, more patient-centric therapeutics."

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