Patent Promises Global FemTech Opportunity

Spermicide Uses Nanoparticles and Chemotaxis for Discreet, OTC Product

GREENSBORO, N.C., April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AT Research Partners has been granted US patent #11,298,375, Brady, for a contraceptive breakthrough targeting spermatozoa, the "weakest link" in reproduction. The patent was pro se filed and granted in 6 months at a fraught family planning moment, when Texas and other states have been further restricting and seeking to criminalize women’s reproductive choices. 

Lead inventor, Terry Earl Brady, asserted, "Unimpeded family planning requires a biologically neutral OTC contraceptive to erase the political narrative from the public sphere and restore reproductive rights to the individual’s control and privacy. This invention addresses that need, offering a global opportunity in the FemTech space." 

With barely 40% typically capable of fertilization, human sperm are the smallest cells in mammalian biology. As such, the distal segment of sperm tails approaches the same scale as nanoparticles; whereby, this invention employs chemotaxis and halogenated fullerenes, a form of nanoparticle, to harbor, sever and render them immotile.

The patent leverages other spermatozoa properties that include the chemotactic drivers that normally draw them to fertile ova – and their competitive response to ambient signals. The innovation includes the same molecules as those emitted by a fertile egg, so the sperm are "attracted" to the spermicide in the vaginal cul-de-sac instead of the uterine path to fertilization. In addition, a second chemotactic diversion in the formulation is based on molecules that mimic the presence of competitive sperm. The combined effect is to concentrate the spermatozoa and generate extreme agitation from a competitive stimulant – to harbor and sever them in the process while exposed to the halo fullerenes. Destruction of the distal segments immobilizes and thus destroys the sperm with millions of nano "collisions" from a few drops of the spermicide.

Based on UN projections, the annual incidence of heterosexual intercourse may be as high as 435 billion, worldwide. "With years of patent protection, even a fraction of this potential market represents an unparalleled opportunity for a universally acceptable, affordable method for a biologically neutral, safe, easy and effective contraceptive under a woman’s control," said Anthony Dellinger, co-inventor and co-founder of AT Research Partners.

AT Research Partners is seeking a pharma or FemTech partner to help develop and manufacture the invention. Notably, the active ingredients for an individual lifetime supply of this innovation would fit in a teaspoon, and a year’s manufacturing inventory for global distribution could be secured at a single facility.

About AT Research Partners:

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About this Patent:

US patent #11,298,375 is entitled, Halogenated fullerene functionalized as a biocidal and chemotactic spermicide to vaginally harbor and neutralize spermatozoa for use as a safe and effective contraceptive, Brady,, also including, A. L. Dellinger, M.K.M. Goddard and K.B. Dellinger. Pro se filed and granted April 12, 2022.

Other inventions include a nanotechnology patent:  #10,934,168, entitled:  Synthetic, multifaceted halogenated, functionalized fullerenes for microbiocidal effects employing controlled contact for safe therapeutic and environmental utility; pro se filed and issued March 2, 2021, Brady,

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