Ojai Energetics Announces Vast Portfolio of Cannabis and Psychedelic Patents

OE to Showcase Strain-Specific Infused Cannabis Beverage Technology at Davos Psychedelic Series While Offering Psychedelic Drug Patents Available for Acquisition

OJAI, Calif., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áToday, Ojai Energetics "OE", a company that has focused on research and development of novel cannabis and psychedelic compounds and therapies since 2014, enlisted prestigious patent law firm Wilson Sonsini to begin amassing what has now become the most comprehensive core cannabis IP portfolio in the industry, and one of the largest in the psychedelics industry.

"OE Public Benefit Corp. is the patent creation and commercialization company you’ve never heard of, until now, and the company designed it that way," said Will Kleidon, founder and CEO of Ojai Energetics.

This week, OE is more formally introducing itself to the greater cannabis and psychedelic communities around the world as it further commercializes some of its IP and continues to fulfill its latest financing round.

OE will offer its cannabis strain-specific, one-minute onset, CBD beverages at the inaugural Medical Psychedelic Series in Davos, Switzerland, while showcasing three of the company’s psychedelic IP portfolio LSD, ketamine, and psilocybin/psilocin assets for sale.

"I’ll be demonstrating how we can bring to life the unique cannabis strain effects using terpene profiles," said Kleidon. "It’s been tried before, but it doesn’t work without our patented technology. I’m excited to bring back the old school strains. Something about the old cuts’ effects work consistently and solidly."

OE will be first to launch this functional cannabis technology. The company has a large infused beverage project with mainstream commercial partners in the works, and yet to be announced.

"In addition to cannabis, OE has built one of the most robust psychedelics patent portfolios in the world," OE’s Sr. VP of Business Development, Andre Bourque said. "Our patents cover drug delivery platform composition of matter for all psychedelic drugs, such as tryptamine class compounds (LSD, psilocybin, DMT), phenethylamine class compounds (mescaline, MDMA), and ketamine to name a few."

"In this case, we have three patents available that outperform what’s available on the market, and are seeking to add them to the right portfolio for well-intentioned therapeutic research and development," Bourque continued.

About Ojai Energetics, Inc.

Ojai Energetics (OE) is holder of the largest cannabis-based patent portfolio in the industry, and one of the largest psychedelics patent portfolios, according to patent law firm Wilson Sonsini. OE’s patents cover the superior delivery of cannabinoids with minimal onset time, while yielding significantly higher bioavailability than traditional formulations. OE’s IP covers a majority of consumer applications, including beverages, cosmetics, skin care, and shampoos. Additionally, Ojai Energetics holds patents for modular hemp processing, and industrial applications including hemp building materials, supercapacitors, and carbon nano-sheets. In the company’s life science division, OE owns the majority of IP for cannabinoid therapeutics. Visit https://ojaienergetics.com for more information.

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