NovoPath Pushes the Limits of Laboratory Information Systems with Integrated Workflows for Genetic and Molecular Testing

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NovoPath LLC. (NovoPath), the leader in laboratory information systems (LIS), today announced the release of enhanced integrated workflows for genetic and molecular testing. With integrated workflows, NovoPath 360 makes it easier than ever for laboratories to produce comprehensive, easy to read diagnostic reports to power the advancements of precision medicine.

“By enabling labs to easily provide an array of tests and become their clients’ single testing center, we’re not only helping drive the advancements of precision medicine but giving labs a way to stay competitive in a consolidating market.” Said Promise Okeke, CEO of NovoPath. “This release gives our clients a better way to provide care and interact with their clients” 

NovoPath 360 Powers Precision Medicine by Bridging the Gap Between Pathologists and Oncologists

NovoPath 360 is bridging the gap between Pathologists and Oncologists by providing an enhanced SaaS-based LIS platform empowering diagnostic labs to effortlessly add molecular and genomic ancillary tests to anatomic workflows. Consequently, providing physicians comprehensive, easy to read reports that present the interpretation and impact of all tests in a single file. Additional NovoPath360 enhancements include:

  • Single Case, Single Report: Within NovoPath 360 LIS, labs can now create a single accession for a specimen and perform a multitude of tests from a single case and automatically combine test results.
  • Preconfigured Workflows: Out of the box, pre-configured workflows developed from 30+ years of best practices
  • Role-Based Permissions: Security continues to remain top of the mind with NovoPath’s role-based security that restricts and allows access to the LIS based on a user’s the authorization level.
  • Customizable User Views NovoPath 360 allows laboratories to create new ways of viewing or interacting with data. Laboratory admins can now configure views based on workflows.
    experience: Lab admins can customize the experience for users by adding, editing, renaming, reordering, and deleting fields within the application to reflect the lab’s specific workflow.
  • Advanced Admin Area: NovoPath 360 SaaS-based platform puts the power back into the hands of lab with an intuitive and robust self-service admin area to create fields, configure reports and views.

“The future of diagnostics is molecular and as a LIS vendor need to create solutions that drive diagnostic laboratories to be better in communicating results AND help brainstorm predictive measures for patients” says Ed Youssef, Chief Strategy Officer at NovoPath. The team at NovoPath is doing so in many ways, including our most recent release.”

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NovoPath 360 is redefining how pathology laboratories operate. Our award-winning SaaS-based platform enables anatomic, clinical, and molecular pathology labs to automate, track, simplify and complete complex cases from hemes to derm faster than ever before. For over 25 years, we keep raising the bar with one-of-a-kind capabilities helping labs accession, diagnose and generate fully customizable reports. Hundreds of labs around the world are increasing case volume, reducing operating costs and establishing customer loyalty, enabling them for future growth.

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