NovoPath Expands LIS Solutions for Oncology Labs Powering Precision Medicine

PRINCETON, N.J., Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NovoPath LLC, a leader in laboratory information systems, is proud to announce new solutions for oncology diagnostic laboratories. NovoPath 360, SaaS-LIS, now supports all diagnostic techniques for solid tumor and hematopathology from a single platform reducing overall laboratory complexities, cost, and turnaround times.

“NovoPath customers already have access to the most comprehensive LIS platform today and we’re innovating every day to redefine the way labs operate to continue to enhance their experience even further,” said Promise Okeke, CEO of NovoPath. “Our ancillary testing solutions take our LIS platform to new heights by making it easier for them to compete in a challenging landscape by streamlining diagnostications and report generation for oncology labs”

NovoPath 360 workflow solutions seamlessly integrate into any instruments, billing systems, EMRs and various other third-party systems to provide labs an efficient way to manage and perform the molecular diagnostic techniques:

  • NGS
  • FISH
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Genomic Molecular
  • Morphology
  • Cytogenetics
  • Lab Developed Tests

By applying the latest in workflow automation, cloud technology and self-service tools to simplify functions across the laboratory, NovoPath 360, LIS solutions make it easier to receive orders, manage workflows, and diagnose hematopathology and solid tumor diseases – powering precision medicine.

“With NovoPath’s new capabilities, laboratories can effortlessly add ancillary tests and different specialties – all from a single case. We’re proud to provide more efficient workflows for Pathologists and lab staff as well as a single comprehensive reports.” Says Jessica Ryter, Director of Product Management.

“The increased configurability options will enable labs to tailor our pre-configured workflows (based on industry best practices) to the needs of their specific lab. This release marks a major step forward for NovoPath 360 and LIS systems as a whole.”

Pre-Configured Workflows

NovoPath 360 pre-configured workflows support NGS, FISH, flow cytometry, genomic molecular, morphology, cytogenetics and lab developed tests leveraging over 30+ years of best practices formed from experience and industry experts.

The pre-configured workflows can be implemented out of the box reducing the complexity of implementation making it easier for labs to get up and running.

Integrated Diagnosis Reports with Continuous Reporting

NovoPath 360 new continuous reporting capability provides diagnostics labs with the ability to perform different diagnostic techniques from a single case, compile and auto-populate results into a single comprehensive report – without the need of human interaction.

Continuous reporting ensures Pathologists know when new results are in, eliminating the possibility of overlooked or forgotten tests. In addition, continuous reporting eradicates the need to manually compile reports and send out addendums. In turn, making it easier for clinicians to understand and provide the appropriate therapy treatments.

Self Service Laboratory Information System

NovoPath 360 was designed to give the power of configuration back into the hands of the lab. With extensive administration control, admins can conveniently add users, provide role-based permissions, create, rename, or reorder fields, configure interfaces, and more whenever they need to.

About NovoPath LLC.

NovoPath 360 is redefining laboratory information systems. Our SaaS-based platform enables anatomic and molecular pathology labs around the world to automate, track, simplify and complete complex cases faster than ever before.

We are raising the bar with one-of-a-kind capabilities helping labs accession, diagnose and generate fully customizable reports faster. Our clients are increasing case reviews, reducing operating costs and establishing customer loyalty. See how the labs of tomorrow are operating with NovoPath 360 at

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