New Fount Exec Program Addresses Serious State of Mental, Physical Health Among Startup Founders, Executives

Based on concepts proven to create resilience in special operations military forces, Fount Exec delivers a comprehensive, personalized approach to elite wellness and leadership development

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fount, the pioneer in experiment-driven health and performance optimization, today announced the launch of Fount Exec, the only precision performance program designed to strengthen the mind, body and leadership skills of founders and executives.

Major changes in the fundraising environment and the economy have made the jobs of startup founders and executives even more challenging. In recent research, 72% of startup founders reported mental health impacts, and 81% said they are not open about the stress and challenges they face. Many founders also face substantial challenges with sleep, weight gain and focus.

Fount Exec is designed to address both the mental and physical toll of high-stress founder and executive lifestyles by pairing Fount’s proven comprehensive, n=1 experimental approach to forging elite physical and cognitive performance with groundbreaking training on leading under stress and developing resilient teams. This approach was developed by Fount’s founder, Andrew Herr, for the United States military to identify the differences between teams that will succeed or fail in the crucible of combat.

Fount Exec clients partner with an elite Performance Advisor, who conducts a data-intensive baseline assessment of physical health, stress levels, schedule, habits, lifestyle, environment and goals, then develops a series of n=1 experiments to create meaningful change in key markers of comprehensive mental and physical health and performance. All Fount programs deploy a range of tools, including nutrition and custom supplements, breathwork and meditation, physical activity, sleep optimization and other emerging therapies. In the Fount Exec program, these are complemented by personalized individual and team training from Fount experts on building trust in teams, keeping strong mission focus and rapidly developing rapport.

“As the current economic climate continues to impact the mental and physical health of entrepreneurs and executives, we created Fount Exec to combine our world-class work on performance optimization with the groundbreaking work I did for the U.S. military to optimize team performance under stress,” said Herr. “Fount Exec is the first program to apply these protocols and take a holistic and n=1 evidence-based approach to developing elite physical, cognitive, emotional and leadership performance.”

“Fount’s personalized program and the expert support of my Performance Advisor, who is a former military special operator, has taken my personal and professional performance to new heights with a leadership mindset previously available only to the military and elite athletes,” said Rich Rines, founder of AutoReach. “They helped me overcome a debilitating lower back issue and improved my overall energy levels, resulting in a higher level of focus and mental clarity. By learning to separate my competitive drive in business from my workouts, I’m now prioritizing long-term health goals alongside the health of my business.”

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Based on work optimizing outcomes for the highest performers in the toughest environments on Earth, Fount’s mission is to build AI-enabled, precision health and performance technology that empowers everyone to reach their goals so that they can do more for themselves, their family, their community and ultimately for the world. Fount’s founder and CEO, Andrew Herr, led human performance efforts for the U.S. military and has been honored as a Mad Scientist twice by the U.S. Army. Fount is based in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, visit

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