New Credentialing and Access Management SaaS, Venduur, Warns of CMS/Omnibus Phase-Two Vaccination Mandate Deadlines Set for February 28

WASHINGTON, Mich., Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Venduur ( highlighted the importance of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that upheld the CMS Mandate requiring policies and procedures be in place to ensure all healthcare facilities, business associates, and subcontractors be vaccinated for COVID-19. The ruling forces facilities in over two dozen states to show compliance by February 28, with the rest of the states to follow by March 15.

Proudly veteran-owned and operated by industry experts, Venduur is the first credentialing and access management service provider designed specifically to help ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and medical practices with this recent ruling and future compliance issues. Venduur specializes in easy digital access and maintenance – all set up in less than five minutes at no cost to the practice or facility.

Venduur CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Kavanaugh, built a team with more than 50-years-combined experience in medical sales working for companies like Medtronic, Pfizer, and St. Jude. He recently discussed how Venduur can help healthcare providers meet the upcoming CMS deadlines:

"This recent SCOTUS ruling has many healthcare facilities scrambling right now – but its an even bigger deal for ASCs and medical practices. Larger hospitals have vendor credentialing systems to help them be compliant, but those systems are far too complex for smaller, medical practices and ASCs, who have always been under-represented and underserved. No ones looking out for them and their specific needs, even though they have to provide the same credential documentation and plan for the mandate. And thats where we can help."

Venduur: Simplified Credentialing

"Weve taken what works in these larger credentialing systems and streamlined them – made them completely digital and incredibly simple to set up," Matt explained. "And what we created is scalable, easily moving from a single-provider practice to multi-location surgery centers. We are offering every advantage of a large credentialing company, but at zero cost to the practice and with a speed unmatched in this business.

"For example, a surgery center can set up their account and have a fully functional credentialing and access management system in less than five minutes. And we do it all: evaluate vendor credential documents, track facility check-in, set access days/hours/times, limit visitations, and provide a full Audit Assurance report to each facility that could be audited by CMS for compliance."

Venduur: No Cost, No Hassle

"Venduur is always 100% free to each facility, with no strings attached, because healthcare vendors pay a nominal fee to access the information we provide. And because we maintain Venduur as an online service, facilities do not have to install or maintain any hardware or software at their own site."

"Frankly, these CMS/Omnibus mandates are here to stay. And that means ASCs can no longer afford to avoid having a vendor credentialing and access management solution in place. So why not go with a system created by experts that is easy, free, and ready to help now? We understand how tough this situation can be, but we have got you covered. Let Venduur be your guardian – protecting your patients, providers, and staff."

For more information on how Venduur can help facilities and healthcare providers prepare for the upcoming CMS Mandate deadlines, schedule a meeting or a chat with a live representative online. And visit Venduur at:

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Ashley Gratz, Clinical Director

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