New Book to Delve into the Mystery of the Subconscious and its Role in Helping Process and Heal Trauma

Scholar, Scientific Researcher & Rabbi David Dardashti Unlocks the Root Causes of Executive Burnout, Addiction, Anxiety and More.

MIAMI, Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In his ongoing personal mission to help individuals overcome trauma, and help raise awareness of the impact of trauma, anxiety and burnout has on contemporary society, rabbi and researcher David Dardashti is announcing the release of a new book, Trauma & the Mystery of the Subconscious.

The book will be released on Amazon’s Kindle store this Summer 2022, and details insights from both scientific research, and David’s over 35 years studying Kabbalah, the human subconscious, and 15 years running one of the world’s most effective trauma and addiction research centers.

"For too long, trauma has been underrepresented as a root cause for so many contemporary ailments," said David Dardashti, founder of the Impulse Center in the Riviera Maya.

"The goal of this book is to show how trauma is both simpler than people might realize, while being more complexly integrated into how we evolve and mature as people."

The new piece of writing takes a deep focus on the human subconscious, and how it plays an indispensable role in managing and processing unaddressed emotional trauma, and as a result, holds the power to heal the multiple neurological and physical challenges it can cause, when properly stimulated.

Through new research, references from respected trauma authorities, and direct testimonials from individuals who have experienced David’s neurostimulus technique, the book aims to shine a light on the hidden power of our own subconscious, and turn a page into a better tomorrow for all those suffering from anxiety, severe burnout, and repressed trauma.

The techniques and concepts described herein have helped a wealth of individuals emerge from their experiences with David’s guidance to a future of less stress, greater health, better performance, and a future free of the root traumas that had plagued them.

"We base all our research on the fundamental principles of truth, logic and simplicity. Time and again, we’ve seen that the more complex and convoluted an explanation is, the farther it is from the core truth."

"The topic of trauma is a concept that has suffered from overly complicated analysis and interpretation," said David. "In reality, in the process of helping hundreds of individuals recover, we have seen just the opposite, and are passionate about the simple definitions and solutions we are able to share in this piece of work."

For more info, to receive an advance copy, or pre-order, head to to track the release date and secure a copy.

About David Dardashti and his Work

David Dardashti is a leader in holistic healing, research on trauma and anxiety, and on helping people discover the true power within themselves through his counsel and the protocols at his facility in Riviera Maya. He brings over 35 years of Kabbalah studies to his scientific approach to addressing the challenges of trauma and neurological problems. He is a rabbi and shares insights and testimonials on his popular YouTube channel. He has leveraged his decades of experience as a Miami businessman and commercial real estate developer into a passion for creating one of the most effective facilities in the world for healing.

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