NAVIGESIA: Personalized Medicine Data Platform for Clinical Neurosciences and Emerging Therapeutics (Cannabis, Psychedelics, Nootropics)

DETROIT, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NAVIGESIA, a personalized medicine software company expands their real-world data tools for clinical neurology and psychology industries, supporting patient management with psychoactive compounds: cannabis, psychedelics, nootropics. 

"NAVIGESIA offers a multilingual clinical data platform that remotely engages patients to gather information, enhance workflow, and drive personalized therapeutics across medicine and psychology, for clinical research trials or traditional office encounters," says CEO/founder, Dr. Ketan Patel. "Think, A.I.-based office assistant that conveniently knows what/when to ask the best questions, and securely transmit this information to trusted stakeholders, cutting time, costs, and frustration."

The team has deep experience working in neurological and psychological sciences, improving methodologies for meaningful data capture across the entire patient journey. With six years of deployments across diverse healthcare operations (retail, solo practices, and respected US health enterprises), the NAVIGESIA team is expanding their strategy amidst a renaissance in psychedelic and psychoactive compound use.

"Having partnered with the largest private neurology centers in America puts us in an inspired and peer-validated position to refine our suite of brain health tools for this industry," shares COO, Adam Davis. "It marks a very exciting period in our company to refocus our energies, scale our commercial offering, and align with global industry partners. In some cases, our technology will be offered to solo practitioners and research personnel, at no charge."  

"The puck is sliding towards use of cannabis and psychedelics for addiction, chronic pain, autism, Alzheimer’s, and numerous neurodegenerative conditions. We are getting ahead of trends, and aiming to score big as signals from early trials show great promise," adds Patel. "We’re doubling down on serving this market as needs for personalized medicine tools such as NAVIGESIA are exploding, with market differentiation resting on clinical and technical experience, fought and earned on the frontlines."

NAVIGESIA helps companies leverage the best personalized neurosciences and mental health digital tools, for the betterment of humanity. Founded in 2013 by medical and I.T. experts, in response to unmet needs for clinical office automation, NAVIGESIA commercialized software to compliantly collect remote (mobile) and in-office patient data. NAVIGESIA brings data gathering efficiency and scale to clinics, regardless of co-existing hardware platforms or medical records software solutions.

NAVIGESIA has offices in the USA, Canada and Barbados. International partnerships and investment interest is actively being invited.

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Dr. Ketan Patel
NAVIGESIA – Chief Executive Officer

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Samantha Joksas
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