National Choking Awareness Day

Change is in the air

NESCONSET, N.Y., March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As National Choking Awareness Day approaches on March 28th, LifeVac proudly stands at the forefront of life-saving innovation, championing its mission to prevent choking-related tragedies worldwide.

Choking remains a leading cause of accidental death globally, with thousands of lives lost each year due to an airway obstruction. In response to this urgent need, LifeVac has emerged as a pioneering solution, revolutionizing the landscape of emergency airway management.

LifeVac’s innovative device offers a non-invasive, easy-to-use approach to airway clearance, providing a crucial lifeline in situations where traditional methods may fail. Designed for use in both medical facilities and home environments, LifeVac empowers individuals and caregivers to swiftly respond to choking emergencies, offering a second chance at life when seconds count.

Since its inception, LifeVac has made a profound impact, with countless testimonials from individuals whose lives have been saved thanks to its rapid intervention. From infants to seniors, LifeVac has proven its effectiveness across diverse demographics, underscoring its universal significance in safeguarding human life.

“We are deeply honored to play a pivotal role in preserving lives on National Choking Awareness Day and every day,” remarked Arthur Lih, Inventor and CEO at LifeVac. “Our dedication to innovation and safety fuels our commitment to empower individuals and communities worldwide, ensuring that no life is lost to choking-related incidents.”

LifeVac’s impact extends beyond its revolutionary device, encompassing comprehensive education and awareness initiatives to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to respond effectively to choking emergencies. Through partnerships with healthcare professionals, educators, and community organizations, LifeVac continues to spearhead efforts to enhance preparedness and save lives. LifeVac saved 1,011 lives in 2023 alone for a grand total of 1,946 since it first hit the market. LifeVac also made the bold move to place a free LifeVac in every school in the United States, completely free of charge, to ensure their life-saving device is within reach when our children need it most. There are now nine peer-reviewed studies which support the validity of this extraordinary device.

As National Choking Awareness Day approaches, LifeVac reaffirms its unwavering commitment to championing safety, innovation, and life preservation. Together, let us raise awareness, empower individuals, and commemorate the lives saved through the transformative work of LifeVac.

About LifeVac LLC: LifeVac is a company known for its lifesaving airway clearance device of the same name. Founded in 2010, it is based out of Nesconset, New York. It is registered with the FDA, MHRA, and Australia ARTG.

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