Metal, Inc. Launches New Premier Line of Non-medical and KN95-style Masks

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — If consumers must wear a mask, make it a good one. Metal, Inc. today introduces its premier line of personal protective equipment which includes non-medical and KN95-style masks with anti-viral properties. These Metal PPEs feature an active filter layer infused with a combination of proprietary metal salts that deactivate viruses. Independent laboratory analysis confirms the filter layer is effective in deactivating 99.95% of human coronavirus. (PDF)

Typical masks simply trap viruses without killing them. This leaves the viruses on the mask, but potentially still active. With Metal’s patent-pending process, the viruses are deactivated when they come into contact with the filter layer of the mask, greatly reducing the possibility of spreading.  

Our objective is to get a comfortable, better mask into the hands of people, explains John Jones, President of Metal, Inc. "The action of breathing through the mask activates the metal salts and deactivates captured viruses" he explains. Metal Inc.’s success is in making them affordable on a large scale.

Metal, Inc. ( is currently in the process of introducing these antiviral masks into the US market and in establishing distribution relationships. For more information contact Pete Tormey at
 or 925-499-0788.

SOURCE Metal, Inc.