Meet the Married Couple Trailblazing the Development of Psychedelic Therapies

Career brain researchers launch innovative drug development company to advance psychedelic therapies


LAS VEGAS, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Dr. Rochelle and Dr. Dustin Hines, the husband and wife team trailblazing the future of mental health therapeutics from their lab located at The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). Both armed with PhD’s (University of British Columbia) and extensive post- doctoral training (Tufts University School of Medicine) in neuroscience, Dustin and Rochelle have worked at the interface of academia and industry over their combined 40 plus year careers.

Dustin and Rochelle operate ‘The Hines Group Laboratory’ at UNLV, a state of the art, fully staffed, pre-clinical research facility, and one of the most advanced and accredited psychedelic research facilities in the world. Rochelle holds a license from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, allowing for the handling of controlled substances for accredited research purposes. With the broad goal of advancing novel therapeutics, Dustin and Rochelle have worked on several industry sponsored research projects, and recently launched ‘Tessellate’, a next wave pharmaceutical company, to further the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics for an array of mental health conditions. Tessellate is working to advance the clinical applicability of psychedelics through rigorous, evidence-based discovery, with the goal of improving the efficacy and personalization of psychedelic therapies, while also mitigating the possible risks stemming from these therapeutics.


Tessellate has developed and rigorously tested multiple lead synthetic psychedelic molecules in the novel chemical space of substituted phenethylamines (PEA). Tessellate’s PEA libraries consist of a total of 30 candidates in pre-clinical development for the treatment of major depressive disorder and PTSD. Dustin Hines commented that ‘PEA psychedelics, which bear structural similarity to mescaline, are less explored in the psychedelic space and offer several possible advantages including increased specificity for the common target of psychedelics, known as the 5HT2A receptor.’


Tessellate’s most valuable I.P. may involve it’s unprecedented discoveries and insights into understanding the psychedelic experience, known as the "trip". Based on a deep understanding of the architecture of brain activity that underlies the trip, Tessellate has developed a sequence of four distinct classes of trip modulators, which can be taken during psychedelic administration, as well as before and after a therapeutic session, to ‘modulate’ both the patient experience as well as the therapeutic outcome. Paul Rosen, President of Tessellate, commented ‘we perceive this as game changing technology and essential for the development of the entire psychedelic industry. Modulators address several concerns and anxieties that eligible patients may have regarding these disruptive therapeutic modalities. With one modulator a patient can access an offramp during a trip should they wish to stop. With another modulator a patient can remove the need to stop their current SSRI therapy before initiating psychedelic treatment. With a modulator taken pre trip the patient may enhance the efficacy of their trip, and with a modulator taken post trip the patient may solidify the psychoplastogen effects that psychedelics cause in the days following a trip, which Tessellates research has corroborated are when the long- term therapeutic benefits of psychedelics are most likely to occur’.

Tessellate is currently preparing to initiate Phase One clinical trials on its two current lead candidates, the novel PEA Tsl8 108 and the modulator Tsl8 303, while also continuing to advance preclinical validation of both its novel modulator libraries and additional PEA leads.

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