Medentrx Announces Expansion to Its Global Platform

POMONA, Calif., Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Medentrx, the online healthcare products marketplace that’s been steadily revolutionizing the healthcare industry market, has revealed a raft of new technological and performance improvements.

With the company positioning itself as the go-to platform for healthcare supplies worldwide, its newly implemented capabilities may prove a significant step toward its goal.

Performance Through Simplicity

Central to the company’s enhancements is a fundamental upgrade of the fulfillment process used by its sellers. Having recently integrated with the online fulfillment platform, Shipping Easy, Medentrx has transformed its shipping process into a far more streamlined operation.

With the API-driven solution optimizing fulfillment workflows, minimizing errors, and reducing labeling costs through automation, the processing and dispatching of customer orders is now a relatively simple task. Offering real-time shipment tracking as well as tools that allow sellers to manage all their products and customer relations seamlessly in one place, it’s a solution that solves a number of common fulfillment issues in one go.

As much of an operational improvement as this may be, Medentrx hasn’t stopped there. In its drive toward operational simplicity, the company has embarked upon a further API integration with Shopify, the global eCommerce platform.

With the Shopify integration, Medentrx offers its sellers a simple and effective way to synchronize and manage their inventory. This, along with the advantages offered by Shipping Easy, essentially means that anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and internet connection can now set themselves up as a seller on the Medentrx platform.

Unsurprisingly, the company has experienced a drastic expansion in its seller base as a result.

Building the Momentum

The significant rise in the number of sellers now operating on the Medentrx platform has come hand in hand with a distinct rise in the number of new products that the company is offering. With Medentrx now offering nearly 60,000 products — from medical, and dental supplies to pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements — the firm is definitely setting the stage for dominance in the healthcare supplies market.

That said, with the company experiencing drastic rises in its registered customer base as well as its sales and order sizes, Medentrx’s performance improvements aren’t aimed just at its sellers.

Its customers can now benefit from a new simplified checkout procedure, a health professionals registration process that speeds up verification, and an overall increase in site speed of up to 25X to improve the shopping experience. With the company most definitely upping its customer-side game too in the era of digital natives, it may not be long before the name ‘Medentrx’ is as synonymous with healthcare supplies as ‘Amazon’ is with, well, pretty much everything else.

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Tarek Jamal

SOURCE Medentrx, Inc.