LSPediA Releases OneScan 5.3 for Serialization Transformation

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LSPediA, one of the nation’s leading providers of enterprise supply chain software and services in the pharmaceutical industry, today announced OneScan 5.3, the newest version of their flagship cloud solution suite servicing thousands of industry trading partners. OneScan 5.3 features improved capabilities in traceability, interoperability, and exceptions management.

LSPediA prides themselves on responding to the needs of the market. Helping customers succeed is their foundational principle. As pharmaceutical companies race towards the FDA’s 2023 DSCSA requirement, LSPediA’s OneScan 5.3 was crafted to facilitate the transition to supply chain serialization for manufacturers, wholeslaers, and distributors alike.

"OneScan Investigator is the only solution that solves the management of anticipated volumes of supply chain exceptions," said Matt Sample, VP Manufacturer Operations, AmerisourceBergen. "The LSPediA OneScan Investigator solution allows us to work smarter, manage technical issues and negative verifications better, and not find it necessary to hire FTEs and throw other resources at the problem."

Each iteration of the OneScan suite has been reviewed positively by customers and their partners. OneScan 5.3 continues to emphasize seamless integration, synergizing with existing ERP solutions."OneScan compliments our ERP solution and offers our customers the one-stop shop experience for DSCSA compliance," said Claudio Gallina, VP Pharmaceutical Division of VAI. "LSPediA have been a great partner not only in integrating with our ERP system but also in helping our customers to optimize daily operations and compliance activities."

Customer Focus

"Faced with stringent regulatory requirements, increasing workload, and staff shortages, our customers need to do more with less. With OneScan, multiple transactions—verification, shipping, inventory adjustment, and invoicing—can all be accomplished with a single scan of a product’s 2D barcode. This model, powerful in its simplicity, has freed our customers from error-prone and time-consuming processes of paperwork and manual entry. By reclaiming their bandwith, our customers can refocus on the core of their business by working smarter, not harder," said Riya Cao, CEO of LSPediA.

OneScan 5.3 is the 6th product upgrade since its go-live in November 2018. The new release includes 154 new features and improvements providing robust capabilities in the following areas:

  • Mobile – new UI and SDK enabling 3x better performance than traditional RF
  • Integration – ERP, WMS, FedEx, label printing
  • Investigator – comprehensive supply chain exceptions management for EPCIS and VRS

"We turned on our production flow through Investigator for EPCIS and it’s working great! It’s really gratifying to see something operate so well, meeting and exceeding our expectations. We thank the LSPediA team for all their amazing work," said the Manager of Pharmaceutical Information Technology of one of the largest health care services companies in the United States.

LSPediA continues to set new and higher standards for technology in the pharmaceutical supply chain with each release of OneScan software. OneScan 6.0 is scheduled to be released in June 2022, bringing forth more functional capabilities for our customer to operate a frictionless supply chain. Click HERE to learn more about LSPediA’s flagship software OneScan.

About LSPediA – Life Sciences Solutions: 

LSPediA provides SaaS solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers, and healthcare providers partner with LSPediA to make, move, track, verify, and protect the drug products in their care for patient safety. LSPediA is different because our solution potential is limitless. Built with user efficiency, automation, and data security at their core, our solutions are transforming compliance and supply chain efforts. LSPediA’s OneScan VRS, EPCIS and Investigator technologies enable error-free and keyboard-free capabilities for ASN, EPCIS, VRS, issue tracking, and interoperability. For more information, call +1 (248) 973-2008, email [email protected], or visit our website at

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