LiVeritasTM Biosciences Launches Mass Spectrometry Outsourcing Solutions

SOUTH SAN FRANSISCO, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LiVeritas Biosciences, Inc. (LiVeritas) today announced that it is now offering transformative mass spectrometry outsourcing solutions ("Mass Spec as a Service") to biopharma enterprises from a new state-of-the-art laboratory in South San Francisco, empowering clients to achieve accelerated drug development milestones.

The rapid decision-making required to advance drug candidates in today’s biopharma environment demands ready access to timely and unambiguous data. High-quality liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) data fosters actionable insights throughout the entire preclinical drug development process. LC-MS-based strategies enable early identification and monitoring of drug candidates’ presumptive Critical Quality Attributes (pCQA), resulting in unambiguous advancement of top drug candidates for higher success rates in human clinical trials toward obtaining regulatory approval.

LiVeritas provides ultra-high-resolution LC-MS instrumentation and a broad suite of mass spectrometric solutions for project areas, including antibody derived drug candidates, antibody drug conjugates, gene and cell therapy, and oligonucleotides, together with an analytical development strategy aligned with biopharma CMC strategy. Centrally located in the South San Francisco Biotech Hub, LiVeritas’ team of Ph.D. scientists provides in-depth biopharma industry knowledge and expertise, resulting in high-quality and highly reproducible data within an ultra-fast turnaround time of less than four weeks.

"LiVeritas is dedicated to providing biopharma companies with timely and strategic ‘phase appropriate’ LC-MS analysis throughout the entire preclinical drug development process as a trusted, reliable outsourcing partner," said Lieza Danan, Ph.D., LiVeritas Co-Founder and CEO.

"In the past, I was dismayed when drug candidates were to be tested in animals for efficacy and toxicity without mass spec data due to limited resources," continued Danan. "This was further exacerbated by problems in drug manufacturing processes caught too late due to unavailable mass spec information.  We have developed rapid ultra-high-resolution LC-MS workflows incorporating our front-end and back-end tools complementing existing vendor software. This enables us to address the urgent needs of our biopharma partners within one week from sample submission, making sure crucial mass spec information elects the best drug candidates at each phase in drug development."

About LiVeritas: Founded in 2020, LiVeritas Biosciences is dedicated to empowering biopharmaceutical companies to meet accelerated biologics drug development timelines via rapid and strategic "phase appropriate" implementation of mass spectrometry analysis. LiVeritas offers state-of-the-art LC-MS instrumentation and a broad suite of mass spectrometric solutions. LiVeritas created Mass Spec as a Service (MSaaS), a suite of automated workflow solutions and software tools enabling drug developers to integrate mass spec data in pre-clinical and early clinical testing for new therapeutics targeting human diseases. To learn more about LiVeritas Biosciences, visit


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