Lightsense Technology and Severn Safety Supply Announce Joint Efforts to Introduce a New Handheld Fentanyl and Methamphetamine Dual Drug Detector to Law Enforcement in the USA

TUSCON, Ariz., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lightsense Technology, a pioneer of multi-spectroscopic solutions to address large problems in public health — from the opioid crisis to the pandemic, food safety and quality assurance in various supply chains — and Severn Safety Supply, a trusted supplier to Law Enforcement Organizations (LEOs) across the USA, today announced a strategic partnership to help bring the newly launched DrugDetect-F1 to markets in specific areas of North America, utilizing their unique skills and relationships.

"We are thrilled to partner with Lightsense Technology to help gain wider recognition of their innovative platform solution for illicit drug detection in the law enforcement community," said Jeff Hall, President of Severn Safety Supply. "The DrugDetect-F1 will allow safer and more efficient operations for officers, and help combat the scourge of illicit drugs impacting various parts of our country."

The DrugDetect-F1 provides a solution that is easy to operate and offers great sensitivity with high levels of accuracy at an inexpensive price point. This platform can help with the difficult opioid epidemic by providing a new tool for law enforcement to determine whether a threat is present, even through thin transparent packaging, enabling them to perform their job more quickly, efficiently, and safely.

"We are pleased to be working with such experienced professionals like the Severn Safety Supply team, to reach more organizations with our unique new tools to help with our country’s growing opioid epidemic," remarked Bruce Berkoff, CMO of Lightsense Technology. "The DrugDetect-F1 serves as compelling evidence of the power of our new light-based handheld spectroscopic detection technologies, and we could not ask for a better partner to help us introduce this valuable new product."

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