Lewis Pharmaceutical Information, Inc. Granted U.S. Patent for Comprehensive Medication Analysis Drug Interaction Software

SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tenn., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lewis Pharmaceutical Information, Inc., announces the U.S. Patent Office has granted Patent No. US 10,777,322 B2 to a patient-centric system and platform called Comprehensive Medication Analysis (CMA) (https://www.cmalpi.com). The software enables a customized analysis of a patient’s health conditions for assessing the appropriateness of an ordered treatment.  

Among the purposes of CMA are saving lives, preventing adverse drug reactions, and saving scarce healthcare dollars. CMA makes this possible by discovering potentially dangerous drug combinations and providing immediate alerts of possible adverse drug reactions. The analysis immediately yields a numerical value, designated as the Patient Profile Relative Safety Rating (PPRSR), with higher values to indicate less-safe patient medication profiles. The result should be safer and more cost-effective use of prescription drugs.  

Jim Lewis, CEO of Lewis Pharmaceutical Information, Inc., has been a practicing pharmacist for over fifty-one years, currently employed at Parkridge Medical Center (Hospital Corporation of America) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. "We have created software that has the potential to improve the quality of medical care," says Lewis. "There are millions of pages of research documenting detailed facts about every medication the FDA has approved.  The problem has been the absence of a method to deliver critical information to the prescriber as he or she orders a medication for a patient.  We believe Comprehensive Medication Analysis is the first step in solving that problem." 

CMA’s technology will affect the U.S. healthcare system:

CMA will lower readmission rates by detecting and preventing adverse medication interactions, thereby preserving, or improving Medicare Star Ratings.

CMA will aid discovery of dangerous medication combinations and report that information immediately while suggesting methods of avoiding negative interactions.

CMA will be an invaluable tool for collaborative practice with physicians, helping to satisfy all state requirements for patient counseling, and efficiently aiding discussion with patients and their prescribers. 

CMA will provide symptoms, monitoring, maximum dosing, warnings, and contraindication information to the persons who most directly observe and care for the patients.

CMA will give patients and their health care providers a tool to protect them against potentially dangerous adverse prescription drug interactions.

Insurance Companies
CMA will help insurance companies analyze trends among prescription medication profiles and discover those deemed costlier and less safe.

"Our long-term goal is to make this software available to every hospital, prescriber and patient in the world," Lewis says.

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