Learn-Look-Locate Strengthens Growing Panel of Advisors With Influential Trailblazers in Cancer Research, Genetic Testing, Artificial Intelligence, and Restorative Tattooing: Dr. Maryam Lustberg, Lauren Giannetti Sferrazza, Stacey Stevens, and Marnie Rustemeyer

TUCSON, Ariz., May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Learn Look Locate (LLL), a new pioneering force in cancer awareness and education, is thrilled to announce the appointment of four distinguished professionals as advisors. The recent appointees bring a wealth of experience, while advancing LLL’s overarching education mission in a significantly diverse range of cancer detection, treatment, and survivor resources. Founded by breast cancer survivor, Cynthia Jordan, LLL represents a modern kind of global education hub for breast cancer support.

“This disease has no borders and irrevocably changes lives forever,” said Cynthia Jordan. “So our response must be equally inventive, intense, and impactful. People need real education from authentic sources who honestly care about patients’ wellbeing. My mission has always been to grant more access to cutting-edge information on prevention, tests, and treatment – all in a way that is easily processed and understood.”

Dr. Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH is Director of the Center for Breast Cancer and the Chief of Breast Medical Oncology at Smilow Cancer Center and Yale Cancer Center, and an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Lustberg is an acclaimed physician and researcher with an extensive background in all-phase clinical trials and breast cancer translational research. As Director of the Breast Center at Yale and Chief of Breast Medical Oncology, she oversees all aspects of the breast therapeutics program and leads the Breast Disease Research Trials Program. Serving as a Medical Advisor, her expertise will help LLL in its mission to improve breast cancer care through evidence-based strategies and patient partnerships.

“My research focuses on identifying novel genomic predictors as well as blood and imaging biomarkers for treatment toxicity and survivorship management … the goal of my research is to identify predictive biomarkers to prevent or lessen treatment-related toxicity and ultimately personalize cancer treatments.”

Lauren Giannetti Sferrazza, MS CGC, is a certified genetic counselor who currently practices as a National Medical Science Liaison in Oncology at Myriad Genetics. She holds positions as a LIU Genetic Counseling Graduate Program’s advisor, NYMAC Regional Genetics Network, Co-Chair of the NSGC Laboratory and Industry Special Interest Group, and the Human Genetics Association of NJ.

“As a genetic counselor by training, patient advocacy and education are essential for preventing and treating breast cancers, especially those that are hereditary in nature.”

Stacey Stevens, former President and CEO of iCAD, is a veteran in the field of mammography technology, bringing two decades of executive leadership and business strategy experience. At iCAD, she led the global market launch of the world’s first AI software for 3D mammography along with the first short-term image-based breast cancer risk assessment solution. Stevens’s expertise in AI applications for risk assessment and detection of breast cancer adds a potent 21st century dimension to LLL, with beneficial AI ramifications already dominating the current news cycle. “As the daughter of a 3X breast cancer survivor, I am a passionate advocate for early detection and risk-based screening for all women.”

Marnie Rustemeyer, CPCP, AAM, is a restorative and cosmetic tattoo artist at NYBRA Plastic Surgery. A former Wall Street professional, thyroid cancer survivor, and breast cancer previvor, Rustemeyer’s work in restorative tattooing, including nipple tattooing and scar camouflage, has been widely recognized for helping patients regain their confidence.

“As a restorative tattoo artist, my work comes at the end of the journey,” said Rustemeyer. “I joined LLL’s advisory board to give this community the information they need at the end of their pathway to recovery.”

In addition to these appointments, LLL is excited to announce a partnership with Cancer Connect, moderated by medical advisor Dr. Charles Weaver. Founded in 1997, Cancer Connect brings patients, experts, and advocates together where they can access news and information in a moderated support community. The collaboration with LLL will offer a secure online space where cancer patients, survivors, family members, and friends can connect and continue to share their experiences. And in addition, LLL and Dr. Charles Weaver already release a monthly Breast Cancer Newsletter that offers support from diagnosis through treatment, and into survivorship.

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