Latham BioPharm Group Expands Offering into Digital Health

BALTIMORE, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Latham BioPharm Group (LBG), part of Sia Partners, is excited to announce the addition of a new capability centered around Digital Health Consulting. Digital transformation is evolving and revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered globally. The increases in wearable medical devices and over-the-counter healthcare products, along with the widespread adoption of telemedicine, has decentralized healthcare, enabled patients to take control of their own health, and facilitated the delivery of high-quality healthcare in the home and in resource-limited settings. In addition, the expanded use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analysis has improved the quality of healthcare delivery by facilitating early disease detection, allowing for more data-driven treatment decisions and enabling precise robotic surgeries. Digital tools, such as new AI engines, the expanding functionalities of smart devices, and the sophistication of virtual reality, will continue to accelerate healthcare transformation. These same drivers are also impacting the way clinical trials are executed and have facilitated a new paradigm around the decentralization of clinical trials. LBG is now well positioned to support this transformation.

LBG has a long history of supporting healthcare product development from initial product conception through commercialization. This includes providing subject matter expertise in product design and development, helping companies successfully engage with regulatory authorities, such as the FDA, providing strategic advice in pricing, reimbursement, and manufacturing to optimize a product’s financial potential, developing and implementing Quality Management Systems, and helping companies obtain non-dilutive funding. The acquisition by Sia Partners, a global leader in digital transformation, has enabled LBG to expand its capabilities to support digital healthcare. Sia Partners has world-leading expertise in the development of digital transformation plans, the implementation of AI solutions across multiple commercial sectors, data privacy and security, UI/UX design, and architecting, managing, developing, and delivering software assets.

Dr. Timothy Alcorn, Managing Director, LBG, has more than 25 years of experience and will lead this new capability. An experienced clinical chemist and molecular biologist, he has worked in a variety of healthcare sectors, including reference laboratories, medical device manufacturing, medical software development, in vitro device development, and pharmaceutical development.

“LBG has a long history of helping companies bring new pharmaceuticals, biologics, devices, and diagnostics to market,” says Dr. Alcorn. “Now with expanded capabilities in AI, data analysis, and digital transformation, as well as numerous experts working in digital healthcare product development, LBG is well positioned to help bring digital healthcare products to market and serve as a leader in the digital transformation of medicine.”

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Latham BioPharm Group (LBG), part of Sia Partners, offers leading life sciences consulting capabilities and works with pharmaceutical, biotech, CROs, academia, and medical device/diagnostic companies to solve complex business, regulatory, and product development challenges. Sia Partners is a next-generation management consulting firm and pioneer of Consulting 4.0 that offers a unique blend of AI and design capabilities, augmenting traditional consulting to deliver superior value to clients. With expertise in more than 30 sectors and services, Sia Partners optimizes client projects worldwide.

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