LASEROPTEK Co. Ltd. Partners with The Pinnacle Health Group to Enhance CPT Coding Support for its U.S. Customers Utilizing the U.S. FDA 510(k) Cleared PALLAS & PALLAS Premium UVB Laser Systems

Engaging The Pinnacle Health Group reinforces LASEROPTEK’s dedication to exceptional CPT Coding Support for its U.S. market PALLAS & PALLAS Premium narrowband UVB laser system customers.

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LASEROPTEK Co., Ltd., a developer, and manufacturer of world-class lasers for aesthetic and medical dermatology, proudly announces its strategic partnership with The Pinnacle Health Group. This collaboration affirms LASEROPTEK’s dedication to providing exceptional Reimbursement Coding support to its U.S. market customers utilizing the PALLAS & PALLAS Premium solid-state narrowband UVB laser systems.

Renowned for its cutting-edge solid-state laser technology, LASEROPTEK acknowledges the significance of precise and professional Coding Support within the realm of targeted narrowband UVB laser phototherapy. Collaborating with The Pinnacle Health Group, a distinguished consulting firm specializing in healthcare solutions since 1982, cements LASEROPTEK’s commitment to ensuring its customers receive accurate guidance in navigating the complexities of reimbursement coding. 

“Accurate and appropriate coding guidance is essential for ensuring seamless reimbursement for our U.S. based dermatologist clients,” emphasized Christopher Dalton, Vice President at LASEROPTEK. “Our partnership with The Pinnacle Health Group underscores our dedication to providing professional and all-encompassing customer service and support, spanning technical, clinical, and coding guidance. This commitment empowers our customers to prioritize exceptional targeted narrowband UVB laser phototherapy care for their patients,” added Dalton.

“The complexities inherent in CPT Coding language can pose challenges for clinicians, sometimes making it difficult to determine appropriate and accurate coding for procedures,” shared Kathy Francisco, Managing Partner at The Pinnacle Health Group.  “We are pleased to collaborate with LASEROPTEK and support their customers in gaining a clear understanding of how to appropriately and accurately report to codes associated with targeted narrowband UVB laser phototherapy treatments. Additionally, our team of experienced certified coders stand ready to provide support for customers should questions arise.”

Key highlights of this collaboration include:

1.  Specialized Proficiency: The Pinnacle Health Group offers advanced expertise in the nuances of CPT Coding, coupled with well-established connections to key decision-makers within pertinent professional organizations.

2.  Customer-Centric Approach: LASEROPTEK’s collaboration with The Pinnacle Health Group aims to enhance the customer experience by providing targeted solutions for narrowband UVB Laser Phototherapy coding challenges or questions.

3.  Quality Assurance:  Through the collaboration with The Pinnacle Health Group, LASEROPTEK affirms its commitment to ensuring clinicians have access to current reimbursement information and appropriate coding guidance applicable to targeted narrowband UVB laser phototherapy treatments based on PALLAS & PALLAS Premium systems.

This collaboration signifies LASEROPTEK’s focus on continually elevating its services and meeting the evolving needs of its current and future customers.  The company remains steadfast in its mission to empower healthcare providers with affordable lasers and the support necessary for delivering optimal patient outcomes. 

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About LASEROPTEK Co., Ltd.

LASEROPTEK stands as a prominent global medical device company, specializing in state-of-the-art solid-state laser technology for aesthetic and medical dermatology.  Established in the year 2000, LASEROPTEK is distinguished by its robust in-house research and development and advanced manufacturing capabilities.  At the forefront of laser innovation, LASEROPTEK is committed to pioneering premium, market leading, and reliable laser systems.  We seamlessly integrate advanced laser technology with proven clinical efficacy, ensuring the delivery of exceptional solutions to the medical and aesthetic communities.

About The Pinnacle Health Group, Inc.

Since 1982, The Pinnacle Health Group has established itself as a premier leader in healthcare advisory services. With extensive expertise in marketing and reimbursement for drugs, devices, healthcare services, and other healthcare-related issues, The Pinnacle Health Group is well-equipped to navigate the reimbursement complexities of the industry. 

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