Lab Tests Reveal Shocking Results for Many Masks Sold on Amazon

AUSTIN, Texas, June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PPE manufacturer Armbrust American today is announcing the launch of its consumer mask testing and reviews database. Part of the company’s overarching goal is to ensure that consumers can protect themselves with the highest quality PPE, which means providing the best information possible.

  • Database shows that many popular masks on Amazon make fraudulent claims
  • Laboratory tests show one mask blocked just 13% of particulates
  • Almost 40% of tested masks offered less than 90% protection
  • A Paw Patrol mask designed for children provided just 77%

The Mask Reviews Database consists of over 100 competitor tests, including nearly every available mask on Amazon. Using the same laboratory equipment used for industry-standard testing to determine the quality and effectiveness, masks are assigned a letter grade based on four different categories: Filtration Protection, Breathability, Construction, and Smell. Additionally, helpful information such as the country of origin where the mask was manufactured is also available, with new mask reviews being added to the database every day.

"There are hundreds of different brands selling masks making all kinds of claims on Amazon, and it’s impossible for people to know what they’re actually getting. Our masks are independently tested to meet rigorous standards, which means a lot more than a random four-star review," said founder and CEO Lloyd Armbrust. "A good mask protects you against viruses, mold, and other toxic particles in the air. It will literally save your life, but a subpar mask could kill you."

Since Amazon and other marketplaces aren’t vetting the claims made on their site, Armbrust is providing the necessary testing based on the following criteria:

  • Protection – Particulate Filter Efficiency (PFE) measures how many small particles are filtered by the mask.
  • Breathability – Air flow resistance is tested in Pascals (pa) to determine how breathable the mask is.
  • Construction – Assesses things like ear loop strength, build quality, and comfort.
  • Smell – What (if any) odor is the mask giving off.

For more information and video reviews for a variety of masks, visit . (Raw data available upon request.)

About Armbrust American

Armbrust American’s mission is to bring strategic manufacturing back to the U.S. Armbrust is the only vertically integrated PPE factory in America with no reliance on global supply chain, ensuring reliable production output and predictable pricing. Founded in 2020 by Y-Combinator alumni Lloyd Armbrust, the company currently operates a factory out of Pflugerville, Texas utilizing a proprietary mix of materials and manufacturing innovation to provide the highest quality PPE at a competitive cost.

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