KromaTiD Announces Launch of KromaTiD Pinpoint FISH tp53/CEP17 Kit for Synthetic Oligonucleotide-Based FISH Assay

LONGMONT, Colo., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KromaTiD is excited to announce early access to our KromaTiD Pinpoint FISH TP53/CEP17 Kit, our new product designed to supply the highest resolution, lowest background, and lowest limit of detection available.

KromaTiD’s Pinpoint FISH™ (PPF) Kit, allows for better hybridization conditions and eliminating strand degradation steps. Pinpoint FISH™ (PPF) allows researchers to expand beyond the capabilities of conventional FISH probes to detect smaller targets and design ultra-high specificity tests. Our technology is fully compatible with your standard FISH equipment/conditions and BAC probes and works with your established samples, workflow, and imaging system.

Christopher Tompkins, KromaTiD’s Chief Technology Officer says:  "Single-cell genomic measurements from KromaTiD have unique capabilities to analyze and understand the underlying genomic drivers of human disease.  Pinpoint FISH has an unmatched resolution, extraordinary ease of use, consistency from analysis to analysis, and an unprecedented ability to distinguish fine genomic structural variation" Dr. Tompkins continues, "While this is the first catalog product from KromaTiD, we have a ten-year history of building a custom assay for Pharma and Biotech companies based on the PPF and dGH platforms. As we begin to build out a comprehensive line of blood cancer measurement kits, we are delighted to bring Pinpoint FISH to a worldwide market". Pinpoint FISH™ is available now from KromaTiD for researchers’ use in oligonucleotide-based FISH assays.

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About KromaTiD, Inc.
KromaTiD is transforming the fields of genome engineering through the discovery and characterization of genomic structural changes that help leading gene editing and pharmaceutical companies advance therapies to market. KromaTiD offers a powerful suite of products and services for studying genomic rearrangements, custom assay development services and preclinical research support. KromaTiD’s proprietary Pinpoint FISH™ and directional Genomic Hybridization platforms (dGHTM) have applications throughout genomics, supplying direct, definitive data on structural variations that no other technologies can provide.  We provide the essential genomic structural context to sequence.

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