IVBH Debut’s Real Early Detection “R.E.D.” Campaign at 41st Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

R.E.D. campaign to solidify IVBH’s leadership position within noninvasive early detection after achieving >90% sensitivity in stage I disease detection in expanded data across 5,000+ case-control subjects

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IV BioHoldings (IVBH), a global leader in liquid biopsy technology specializing in early detection precision diagnostics, today debuted its Real Early Detection “R.E.D.” campaign at the 41st annual JP Morgan Healthcare (JPM) Conference in San Francisco.

“The R.E.D. campaign is intended to be the signal within the noise,” said IVBH Founder-CEO Marty Keiser. “We’re drawing a clear line in the sand by defining real early detection as stage 0-II disease and calling attention to the clinical and commercial differentiators that put IVBH in a category of its own within the coveted and elusive field of early detection.”

The campaign focuses on three bold positions taken by the company:

  1. Defining “early detection” as stage 0-II
  2. Defining “encouraging data” as >90% sensitivity across all stages, including 0-II
  3. Defining “impact” by accuracy, accessibility and affordability, and the corresponding improvement to mental, emotional, physical and financial outcomes    

“2022 was a transformational year for IVBH, with our having successfully evolved from an R&D phase of development to an organization with the clinical and commercial capabilities — as well as the infrastructure — required to speed our novel technologies to market,” said IVBH Partner-Chief Commercial Officer Elizabeth Cormier-May. “More importantly, with the expansion of our industry-leading data dossier, having now achieved >90% sensitivity in the earliest stages of disease for all our programs across 5,547 patients, we’re committed to making a larger physical presence at major industry conferences and taking a more proactive approach in communicating the things that define us within the industry — starting at JPM.” 

IVBH leadership will be meeting with investors, strategic partners and other stakeholders, with the aim of accelerating development of its clinical-stage liquid biopsy programs within breast cancer, lung cancer and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) as it fuels its ambitious plans for future growth and expansion. 

To explore partnership opportunities, email info@ivbh.studio. Visit: ivbh.studio

About IVBH

IVBH is a global leader in liquid biopsy technology, specializing in early detection precision diagnostics. The company is defined by its progressive AI-powered platform and the conception, development and commercialization of highly accurate, affordable and accessible RNA technologies designed to rule more of the right patients into established imaging and care pathways earlier, and eliminating unnecessary procedures that are invasive, risky, expensive and stressful. IVBH currently oversees and manages a vast clinical pipeline of blood tests, addressing major unmet needs within oncology and metabolic health and wellness. The company’s flagship liquid biopsy programs in breast cancer, lung cancer and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) have been extensively validated with the successful completion of 137 R&D studies — including 73 independent cross-cohort validations — across 18 independent patient cohorts (totaling 5,547 case-control subjects). IVBH has achieved industry-leading sensitivity and specificity for all programs, across all stages, including the earliest stages 0-II. Visit: ivbh.studio

IVBH PRESS CONTACT: Jeff Pizzino, APR (351647@email4pr.com | +1 480.606.8292)

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