INTRODUCING: iSmartOffice, the FIRST A.I. Driven Dental Practice Management and Marketing 3-in-1 Integrated Solution

CHICAGO, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DigiBrain4, INC and its consortium HCDS, INC are proud to unveil iSmartOffice™—an intelligent, user-friendly app that has reinvented the way dentists manage their practices.

Many practice owners have pondered upon the following questions: how can we boost patient recruitment and optimize non-peak business hours? How do we refer patients to general dentists and specialists more efficiently? How can the insurance claim process be simplified so that our staff spends less time on paperwork and more time providing quality care? After several years of development and refinement, iSmartOffice™ was born. Created by a team of multidisciplinary experts—dentists, computer engineers, data scientists, and financial and practice management consultants, iSmartOffice™ is an intuitive and easy-to-use app that revolutionizes the way the dental office, staff, and patients work together. Using the latest technology in data analysis and telediagnostics, iSmartOffice™ offer the following advantages:

With our teledentistry feature, patients find you.

Traditionally, looking for a new dentist or dental specialist involves word of mouth or a Google search. iSmartOffice™ has reinvented how patients find dental practices: patients can now narrow their search using one or more of the app’s multiple search criterias driven by Artificial Intelligence to find their custom fit. One happy user remarked in our Facebook page ( that “trying to find a dentist who offers safe and quality care during the pandemic has been a headache! Luckily I found iSmartOffice with the help of my orthodontic clinic. This unique app allows me to match with local general and specialty dentists who fit my price, insurance, and service needs.”

If the patients aren’t sure what they’re looking for, iSmartOffice™ can also provide guidance. Equipped with the state-of-the-art dental imaging A.I. (DR ANNIE™), patients can easily take or upload oral photos and receive instant service and provider recommendations. This teledentistry feature also allows providers to remotely monitor patients and offer care uninterrupted by distance—a function that has proven vital in the midst of a global pandemic.

iSmartOffice™ works seamlessly with your existing management software.

With its unique API, the iSmartOffice™ apps can be integrated into most dental management software so existing infrastructure will be complemented and not replaced. iSmartOffice™ can also be accessed anywhere and on any computer or Android/iOS mobile device, transforming management that was once confined to a brick-and-mortar office into a breeze.

iSmartOffice™ is not only convenient; it is truly smart! The application system unifies the 3 symbiotic components of dental practice: the clinic management team—professionals aimed at offering excellent care tailored to the patients’ needs, the staff—providers and assistants who match the specialties and hours of the practice to ensure customer satisfaction, and the patients—individuals seeking quality care aligned with their unique needs. iSmartOffice™ is the all-in-one solution: the mobile apps and web portals help promote practices, connect with new and existing patients, coordinate staff and doctor availability, optimize patient scheduling, streamline insurance claims, and pre-screen patients via its integrated HIPAA compliant A.I. system—DR. ANNIE™️— and much more.

Be a part of a rapidly growing network of dental professionals.

iSmartOffice™ is a growing network of over 1,000 dental practices. The app’s turnkey service allows practices to start expanding their businesses without any hassle or lengthy setup. iSmartOffice™ is a leader in modern dental practice management, and dentists who have tried the app agree:

“The connection and engagement between patients and our clinics have never been this interactive. The AI feature encompassed in this product is really amazing in streamlining patients to find us.” – Dr Diana Cheng (Dentist, Chicago, IL)

iSmartOffice™ will have its debut during this year’s Chicago Dental Society meeting (February 25-27, 2021). Please visit our digital booth at (ISMARTOFFICE WEB) and get 2 months complimentary membership with daily raffles during the meeting for 1 year complimentary membership.


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