InsideTracker Unveils 10 New Healthspan-Focused DNA Insights, Fast-Tracking the Path to Optimal Health and Longevity

CAMBRIDGE, Mass, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — InsideTracker, the leading personalized health analysis and data-driven wellness guide that helps people live healthier longer, has unveiled 10 new healthspan-focused DNA insights, focused on optimizing the customers healthspan journey. When purchased in combination with InsideTracker’s Ultimate Plan, the DNA Kit now offers up to 38 genetic assessments.

The addition of 10 new DNA insights is specifically designed to empower customers with comprehensive information about their longevity and healthspan indicators. Each of these insights assigns an individual’s risk or potential for various wellness traits based on their genetic measurements. These evaluations provide more profound insights and highly customized recommendations, enabling customers to focus on the areas that will be most impactful to their healthspan.

10 new healthspan-focused genetic insights: 

  • ApoB: an essential indicator of heart health.
  • Grip strength: often an early warning sign of several chronic conditions that affect aging and life expectancy.
  • Cognitive aging: your risk of experiencing accelerated cognitive decline.
  • Epigenetic age acceleration: the risk of your body aging faster than your chronological age.
  • Lifespan: your genetic potential to live a longer life.
  • Menopausal age: your genetic risk for experiencing menopause at an earlier age.
  • Age-related muscle weakness: your genetic tendency for loss of muscle strength in old age.
  • Visceral fat: your genetic risk for harmful body fat that negatively affects healthspan.
  • Morningness (chronotype): associated with better behavioral patterns and an improved metabolism—both of which can benefit healthspan.
  • Bone mineral density: a genetic indicator of potential bone strength.

“Our mission at InsideTracker is to help people decode their bodies’ health data and turn that information into actionable guidance for efficient healthspan improvement,” said Bartek Nogal, PhD, Principal Scientist and head of the genomics team at InsideTracker. “These new genetic insights are complex and mostly modifiable predispositions that can serve as warning signs and a kind of individualized compass. For example, suppose someone who already works out a lot finds out that they may have a tendency for slightly accelerated cognitive aging, but their predisposition to age-related muscle weakness is low. In that case, they might consider emphasizing sleep and social engagement instead of additional workouts. Others may be interested to learn that they may be at increased risk for visceral fat, which may facilitate a decision to step up their aerobic exercise, if not get a scan for peace of mind. Armed with these personalized genomic insights and blood biomarker data, our users can take proactive steps to optimize their quality of life.”

For a limited time receive a free DNA Kit ($249 value) with the purchase of the Ultimate + InnerAge 2.0 Bundle. To learn more about unlocking the new DNA insights and to take advantage of the offer, visit InsideTracker here.

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