Innovative Medical Video Conferencing Platform 'Banty' Introduces Expanded 'Banty Plus' – New Evolution Works With Other Popular Video Platforms in Interactive and Experiential Teleconferencing for Professionals

TORONTO, March 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — recently announced new integrations to its already popular medical conferencing and educational platform: Banty Plus. Banty Plus offers enhanced video meeting functionality that customers are calling the “new gold standard” in medical teleconferencing. Banty now integrates those services with Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, and others. Banty Plus works to enhance the entire video meeting experience – acting like an international news outlet to include a fully interactive group of tickers, graphics, animations, split screens, sound effects and other features that keep attendees interested and fully engaged. Banty Plus is now available by custom order.

“We use Banty Plus to offer enhanced interactivity for important meetings and events like virtual trade shows, CMEs, CHEs, annual general meetings and much more,” said Banty co-founder and internet marketing expert, Scott Wilson. “What does that mean exactly? Well, we’ve turned those long, traditional ‘talking-head’ video conferences into something far more exciting. An immersive presentation that keeps your attendees engaged and involved using a multifunctional blend of features: picture-in-picture, split screens, multi-camera cuts, video-and-slides, animations, graphics, music, and so much more.”

Banty Plus: Enhanced Video Conferencing Made Easy

Banty Plus is used to host important meetings, pitches or trade shows that have a handful of attendees to thousands of global attendees. Banty Plus utilizes an experienced newsroom editor with an ultra-powerful real time editing suite. The presenter’s video feed passes through the Banty Plus machine, empowering the editor to run the meeting like a live newsroom. The edited video feed is injected into the platform of choice for the meeting. Although this was originally built to work with the Banty platform, it now works with almost every video conferencing platform available today. So, if a potential customer is on contract with another provider and has a very important meeting or live virtual event that needs to be enhanced, Banty Plus is the solution.

“Although video conferencing is more efficient and less costly than in person meetings, businesses and pharmaceutical companies are requesting better interactivity than what other video conferencing platforms provide,” said Scott Wilson. “And that is why we built Banty: to simulate human interactions, while providing customers with a safe, cost effective way to communicate. Banty Plus takes that great idea and just makes it even better – building and improving on strategies we’ve pioneered for better training events that serve everyone involved, from pharma companies to doctors and educators and businesses that have a need for enhanced live presentations to a larger audience.

Banty Plus: Testimonials From Medical Professionals

“Banty Plus is like inserting a CNN-style newsroom into your meeting,” said Banty co-founder Dr. Rick Tytus, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University. “Some people were really getting bored with the exact same types of meetings all day long. Banty Plus solves that with a higher level of production value. And even though some organizations already have contracts with Teams, Zoom, or other platforms, Banty Plus solves this issue: working with most other platforms to give users a newsroom experience on the platform of their choice. Banty Plus recently hosted the Hamilton Academy of Medicine 104 Annual Clinical day. This was an accredited event that hosted 16 key opinion leading physicians and over 1400 physicians. Sponsors had breakout rooms where they could meet with doctors individually or in groups. It was a complete success, with amazing feedback from multiple pharmaceutical companies like Merck and Jansen.”

Banty Plus also recognizes that many physicians speak multiple languages and have patients who prefer to conference in their native tongue. In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, Banty Plus is available in multiple countries, has employees who speak eight different languages, and is working on plans to launch platform access for the 21 most commonly spoken/written languages in the near future.

Learn more about some of the enhanced functions available from Banty Plus via this YouTube demo video. Or follow Banty on social media for the latest platform innovations: LinkedIn, TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagram.

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