InfiniTrak Expansion Continues

TOLEDO, Ohio, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — InfiniTrak, a leader in Track and Trace technology services in the healthcare space continues to add functionality to secure the drug supply chain. The company’s primary driver has been focused on dispensers, not only in terms of compliance but user-friendly added functionality and automated processes. The challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic led InfiniTrak to develop No Touch Implementation, along with Audit Services to provide compliance with little interruption to the pharmacy’s daily workflow. This combination, with being the pioneers in DSCSA compliance and scanning, has positioned InfiniTrak at the forefront of the industry bringing some of the best pharmacy solutions to the market now.

The past several years InfiniTrak has added some of the best talent in the healthcare and technology space. This continues with today’s announcement that Sam Pizzo has become the latest new talent to join InfiniTrak as Senior Vice President- Strategic Alliances. Sam brings over 28 years of pharmacy knowledge and experience. During this time, his focus has been around providing state-of-the-art solutions and functionality that allows pharmacies to maintain and increase their business, improve workflow, and provide cutting edge, hands-off regulatory service solutions.

According to President Mark Tate, "Sam will be an integral part of furthering InfiniTrak’s partnerships and alliances." Mr. Tate continues stating, "The reality is that the pharmacy industry is all over the board as far as their readiness for DSCSA. The level of preparedness varies with some compliant with the current mandates while so many others do not even realize they are not complying with all the parts of the first phase of the law. The fact is many DSCSA compliance solutions providers are working to get ready for the final 2023 mandates and may not be fully prepared. It is imperative that all stakeholders, in the dispenser space, be knowledgeable and know the DSCSA requirements from 2015 as well as upcoming 2023 requirements. With all these moving pieces, lack of clear direction, and pending FDA guidelines, the timing of Sam joining InfiniTrak to expand strategic alliances is ideal."

About InfiniTrak

InfiniTrak is a pioneer and industry leader in track and trace technology. InfiniTrak was created with the dispenser in mind, focusing on DSCSA compliance and ROI functionality to improve margins with greater inventory visualization and controls. The company has a full range of solutions available as an enterprise suite or individual modules to complement existing systems. InfiniTrak is the preferred provider for a vast array of leading Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations (PSAOs) and numerous healthcare Co-ops as well as a member of many state pharmacy organizations, hospital associations. The company’s headquarters are located in Toledo, Ohio with Government Affairs offices in Ashburn, Virginia.


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