Hundreds Rally at State House Against Vaccinations Without Parental Consent

BOSTON, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Coalition for Parental Choice held a State House Rally in Boston on Thursday to highlight impacts of proposed legislation that would allow for vaccinations of children in schools without parental knowledge or consent.

The bills, often referred to as "The Community Immunity Act," (S.1517/H.2271/H.2411), would place severe restrictions on parental rights including access to children’s vaccination records, access to physician approved medical exemptions and more. The bills impacts are not limited to COVID-19 vaccinations but include any current and future state approved vaccinations.

Despite Massachusetts vaccination rates hitting record highs of over 97% for the 2019-2020 school year, these bills severely restrict access to education for those in need of medical exemptions and the 1% of Massachusetts students who use a religious exemption. These restrictions disproportionally impact minority students and traditionally disadvantaged communities. 

The group consisted of over 200 residents from across Massachusetts who have been working to educate state legislators about potential impacts of these bills on children, families, and access to education.

"With Massachusetts immunity rates among the highest in the country, the legislature is trying to solve the wrong problem." Said Allison Chapman. "Instead of taking away my rights as a parent to make informed healthcare decisions for my child, they should be making sure there are school nurses in every school to keep our children safe and healthy."

"I call upon our legislators to reject these flawed and draconian pieces of legislation which undermine fundamental parental rights, refuse to make allowances for religious beliefs and try to shoehorn individualized medical decisions into a simple checklist." Said Dr. Sylvia Fogel. "These bills do not protect public health. They will have no meaningful impact on vaccination rates, but they will put at risk individualized medical care, education, and opportunities for a variety of marginalized communities."

"These bills attempt to prevent disease with a "one size fits all" regulation that does not respect the rights of individual liberty and choice. Said Dr. Paul Jehle, Senior Pastor of The New Testament Church.


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