HueDx Launches Flagship Product and Crowdfunding Campaign

PHILADELPHIA, June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HueDx, a rapid assay development platform, is launching its first ever crowdfunding campaign, allowing individuals to invest directly in improving the future of diagnostics. At HueDx, we believe that quantitative diagnostics are the pathway to a healthier world. From developing better health prevention protocols, improving global pandemic response, testing drinking water quality, or checking food products for allergens, the HueDx Platform is designed to enable all of these endeavors and more— at a fraction of the cost and time previously required. Within two weeks following the launch of the HueDx Platform, the first customer contract was signed and since then, HueDx has over $10M of inbound revenue in its pipeline.

HueDx’s mission is the partnership of a need and a technology. Brianna Wronko-Stevens, an expert in microfluidics, worked in an HIV clinic and noticed that patients frequently fell out of the healthcare system due to the time gap between visit and diagnostic results. HueDx was created to enable the development of rapid, quantitative assays with near-immediate results— reducing patient anxiety and improving outcomes.  

The HueDx Platform offers two solutions: the HueCloud and the HueCard.  The HueCloud enables researchers and scientists to quickly build assays that are quantitative and can be developed in a fraction of the time it took previously, particularly when a global emergency happens.  The HueCard is a technology platform—both hardware and software—that those assays can be deployed on.

The HueDx System uses novel technology—artificial intelligence, machine learning, paper microfluidics, to bring a solution that facilitates rapid deployment whenever and wherever diagnostic assays are needed.   This technology enables companies, both new to the diagnostic space as well as industry veterans, to rapidly develop and deploy diagnostic assays, with a goal of improving patient care and outcomes.  We’d love to partner with you to make a healthier world. Available on Republic 6/23/23.

About HueDx: HueDx is a Rapid, Quantitative, Assay-based (RQA) test development and launch platform that eliminates the need to develop physical devices and software to launch an RQA product. In doing so, HueDx makes the accessibility of launching flagship or complimentary diagnostics accessible to companies that would not normally consider the undertaking and dramatically reduces costs for industry veterans. HueDx’s core product launched in February of 2023.

Media contact:
Brianna Wronko-Stevens