How ERinfo Can Help Prepare You for a Natural Disaster

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ERinfo is revolutionizing the way that people can protect themselves and family members when the unexpected happens such as a natural disaster. When natural disasters happen and a medical emergency takes place, every second matters. Power can go out to cause a hospital to fail, and first responders need to react quickly out in the field with the added pressure of severe weather in an emergency situation.

One of the biggest issues that happen after a natural disaster is being able to identify patients to provide them with the medical care they need while also being able to contact family members to keep them in the know of what is going on. When a patient is found after a natural disaster, they often don’t have the identification on them that EMS needs to identify and provide them with the right medical care based on their medical history. However, ERinfo changes that.

With ERinfo, EMS can quickly take a picture of a patient and if they are in the database, they can identify who the person is, what their medical history consists of, and who their emergency contacts are in order to contact family members. With this type of information, medical professionals can provide the accurate care that the patient needs by knowing their medical history and being able to make more informed decisions. ERinfo is a way to save lives by providing crucial information to the fingertips of medical professionals in the case of an emergency.

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About ERinfo:

ERinfo, Inc. is a software company that is based in Miami that is transforming the way that medical professionals identify and provide medical care to patients nationwide. Whether it is after the event of a natural disaster or a patient is found anytime without identification and needs medical treatment, ERinfo helps to provide more accurate care through facial identification and data saved on the app. Through this technology, lifesaving care can take place while being able to contact emergency contacts. Visit to learn more about how it works.

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