High Potent Containment Provider ONFAB Enters USA Market

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ONFAB, a leading European provider of single-use, flexible containment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, has officially launched business operations in the United States in conjunction with parent company Savillex.

The company’s American hub will be located within the Savillex headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The ability to leverage Savillex’s existing operational and manufacturing assets will greatly improve ONFAB’s global reach, supported by primary offices in the UK and Spain. A dedicated, 3-person USA sales team is also now active and being deployed to customer sites around the nation.

“A US-based location provides our American customers, both current and future, with direct access to our expansive range of High Potent Flexible Containment Isolators – while furthering our ability to deliver excellent service through our newly appointed commercial team,” stated ONFAB Sales Director Mike Brown. “I am looking forward to the future for ONFAB and further growth.”

Founded in 2004, ONFAB focuses on designing and fabricating innovative flexible isolator systems. The designs are custom-made to the unique needs of each customer’s pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and protect users from highly potent pharmaceutical ingredients – down to nanogram (OEB 6) levels.

ONFAB offers both retrofit and standalone isolator systems that reduce manufacturing costs, minimize cleaning and cleaning validation times, and shorten downtime for equipment changeout. They are equipped with a host of additional features – including sampling/dispensing ports, a dual fan unit, and pass through chamber to name a few – which allow for the execution of a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical applications.

Looking ahead, ONFAB plans to leverage its new position in the USA to continue improving its international reach. The team envisions this being achieved not only through its now-expanded customer pipeline but also through improved manufacturing and product development capabilities.

Managing Director Mark Arnold echoed this sentiment: “Exciting times for ONFAB USA. Our partnership with Savillex will allow for further growth of our flexible single-use isolator technology products, and a locally based technical team in line with our international growth strategy. We are helping an increasing number of pharmaceutical contract manufacturers across the US get their OSD manufacturing processes effortlessly ‘high potent ready’.”

For more information on ONFAB’s solutions or to schedule a demonstration, please visit https://onfab.co.uk/.


As part of Savillex, ONFAB are the leading global company in flexible containment for pharmaceutical process manufacturing. We work with the world’s leading pharma companies to safely contain critical processes, especially those involving High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs). ONFAB prides itself on high standards of customer service and manufacturing and is ISO 9001 accredited. the internationally recognized standard for an organization’s internal quality management.

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Mark Arnold
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