Guardian Research Network and ThinkGenetic Announce Collaborative Partnership to Accelerate Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Patients with Genetic Diseases and Inherited Predisposition to Cancer

Joint effort recognizes combined missions to support healthcare providers in accelerating potential treatments using novel technological approaches to real world data

SPARTANBURG, S.C., July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Guardian Research Network, Inc.® (GRN) and ThinkGenetic, Inc. announce a strategic collaboration to accelerate the diagnosis and support the development of treatment options for patients with rare and genetic diseases. The collaboration leverages the existing healthcare data science and clinical expertise of GRN, combined with ThinkGenetic’s deep experience in the development of electronic health record (EHR) algorithms for accurate diagnosis and healthcare provider support integrating rare genetic conditions into their practice.

The GRN and ThinkGenetic collaboration will take on three challenges facing patients with rare genetic conditions:

  • Accelerating identification and diagnosis of individuals at an increased risk to be affected by an underlying genetic condition
  • Providing targeted education and decision support tools to healthcare providers who have patients at an increased risk of an underlying rare genetic condition
  • Affording access to patients for clinical trials and Real World Data (RWD) research cohorts in collaboration with life science companies

The partnership will combine the unique resources of both companies, leveraging ThinkGenetic’s deep clinical understanding of rare genetic disease diagnosis and novel EHR-based algorithms with GRN’s national-scale RWD analytics platform that works in concert with GRN’s clinical trial operations. This single-source research platform provides previously unavailable large, highly annotated cohorts of rare genetic disease subjects.

With many rare genetic diseases, clinical findings often seem unrelated, leaving patients and physicians uncertain to the relatedness of co-occurring signs and symptoms. Many patients and their doctors only look to genetic diseases after potentially exhausting all other possibilities.

"By partnering with GRN, we are both able to advance our missions of reducing the time to diagnose conditions and improve the lives of patients," said Dave Jacob, ThinkGenetic’s chief executive officer. "ThinkGenetic has the technology and the certified genetic counselors to flag and review millions of EHRs for risk of genetic disease and with the help of GRN, we can educate the healthcare provider on possible next steps and genetic testing/clinical trial options."

"Working with ThinkGenetic is a great step forward for GRN’s mission of bringing the best care to historically-underserved patients while accelerating cures for disease, including rare diseases in cancer and non-cancer," said Mark Watson, chief operating officer for GRN. "We’re passionate about serving our community patients who often have less access to academic medical centers and doctors."

Industry reaction to the alliance, including feedback from a biopharmaceutical company such as PTC Therapeutics, is positive for both entities. "As a company committed to helping patients with rare genetic disorders, PTC Therapeutics is excited to partner with ThinkGenetic and GRN. Reaching the right diagnosis can be a long and difficult process for patients with rare diseases. We’re hopeful this partnership will help shorten that journey for patients, their families, and healthcare providers," commented Bruce Braughton, senior vice president and general manager, North America, PTC Therapeutics.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there are approximately 7,000 rare diseases affecting between 25 and 30 million American patients today and more than 80 percent of rare diseases have a known monogenic (single-gene) cause.

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