Gsport Continues to Deliver Post-Workout Solutions from the Cloud

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese-based sports care brand Gsport has been in business for a long time. The company was founded nearly twenty years ago, and since that time it has steadily rolled out a line of athletic tape, kinesiology tape, cohesive bandages, and cold bags. All of these are designed to, among other things, reduce healing time and promote post-workout recovery.

Between its attention to quality and its desire to cultivate a human-oriented company culture, Gsport has managed to carve out a solid market share and even receive international recognition for its business model and sustained success. Like any well-run business, Gsport has also maintained a forward-thinking, growth mindset that has helped keep the enterprise at the forefront of the sports care industry.

This was on full display throughout 2020 as companies great and small struggled to handle the challenges and complexities of a global pandemic. When it comes to Gsport, in particular, the crisis had a major impact on the health and fitness world where the company had been thriving. Gyms and fitness clubs shut down, group activities were shunned, and individuals suddenly found themselves struggling to set up home gyms on the fly.

Not one to shy from a challenge, Gsport took the opportunity to embrace its fledgling online presence. Rather than hunkering down and waiting for the storm to blow over, the brand steered into the skid by ramping up its online activity. It expanded the e-commerce availability of its products and even strove to increase its international customer base in the process. The results were an unprecedented push of Gsports products across the interweb. From its own company site to major online retailers like Amazon, Gsport made sure that its sports care tools were available to all and sundry — even as they worked out from the isolation of the homefront.

The ambitious, proactive attitude of the company has set Gsport up for even greater success in the coming years. Not only has it managed to thrive during the pandemic. The brand’s efforts have built an online infrastructure that it can continue to use as it spreads the sports care gospel across international borders at an increasing rate. The company’s promising future shines even brighter when one considers the fact that, in addition to the online bustle, Gsport has also regularly been attending the ECRM (Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing) conference for years now. Along with its e-commerce success, it’s clear that Gsport is poised to make major inroads into brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. and elsewhere. At this point, it seems safe to assume that nothing but time stands between this ambitious sports care brand becoming a global household name.

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