Greespi is a Revolutionary Method of Health Care

LEWES, Del., Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Greespi is a revolutionary biotech startup in the field of health care that has created a solution that prevents health problems, effectively nourishes the body and enriches the blood with oxygen.

Greespi has invented a simple and effective method of health care that allows you to achieve balance, stable body function, and simply feel good without effort and radical lifestyle changes. Thanks to innovative technology and a unique approach, Greespi creates functional food that saturates the body with 100% of proteins, essential micro- and macroelements, and vitamins. Greespi is not quite ordinary food in the usual sense. It is an organic substance of natural origin, free from preservatives, antibiotics, dyes, sugar, and sweeteners. It has no taste or odor and contains a high concentration of insulin-like, easily digestible complete (with B12) plant-based protein, accounting for 70% of its composition. Additionally, it contains pigments that inhibit the herpes virus and stimulate the generation of stem cells, contributing to the body’s restoration and rejuvenation. Greespi is designed for daily consumption in the diet, is supplied frozen (to preserve its incredible properties), and can be stored in the freezer (6 months without loss of properties).

Greespi is an entire ecosystem whose proprietary technologies ensure the product’s unique properties (which sometimes seem magical) and the ecosystem’s positive impact on the environment. The product is based on microalgae, which are grown in a fully protected, controlled and ecological environment without the use of any chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants or pesticides. Greespi’s production is highly automated and protected from environmental pathogens.

The company’s founder and technological visionary, Alim Kunakh, has more than 20 years of experience in building production facilities and distribution. Greespi’s Chief Scientist, Tetiana, has been conducting product research for more than 8 years, and Technical Director Dmytro has set up a production process with a maximum degree of automation that allows production to operate 24/7. The Greespi team has more than 20 employees, where each team member complements the others.

Now Greespi has more than 300 regular customers (this number is limited by the capacity of the existing production and the volume of products produced), many of whom have been using the product for 3+ years and give feedback on positive changes in their health. CMO Ivan is responsible for the successful marketing strategy, has extensive experience in successfully launching startups and marketing diseases.

By the end of 2023, another Greespi production facility will be launched in Europe. In early 2024, the company plans to enter the US market and build new production facilities there. This expanded presence will help to meet demand and provide more people with valuable functional foods, contributing to their health.

An important aspect of Greespi is its social responsibility – the project consumes carbon and produces oxygen, contributing to the fight against global warming. In the future, Greespi’s technology could be used to reduce carbon footprints and reduce the cost of delivery methods, as well as to fight hunger and produce high-quality protein to meet the needs of the world’s ever-growing population.

And as Oscar Wilde said: “Health is the first duty in life.”

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Ivan Kukharuk

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