Global Cannabinoid Research Center Founder, Mike Robinson, to Receive High Times 100 Award

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On May 3rd, High Times, the top-selling cannabis magazine in America, after a 2-year hiatus due to the Pandemic, will present its highest honor, known as the High Times 100, to Mike Robinson, better known as the "Cannabis Philanthropist."

This award celebrates the most influential individuals in the U.S. cannabis industry, with an estimated 2022 market value of $25 billion. Robinson, a three-time Cancer Survivor, known for using cannabis oils in his battle, is the founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center (GCRC) and the CEO of Bay Area Nanobles, Inc. – a health and wellness entity.

Robinson is very well known for adopting one of his compassion patients, Genevieve, from an extensive program where he gave away vast amounts of cannabis oils to patients in need. While doing so, the Cannabis Philanthropist was fighting cancers, severe epilepsy, and an addiction to pain medication. Millions have read the tale of how this created his family on the website "Cannabis Love Story."

In March, David Uhalley, COO of Nanobles, settled a dispute with a pharmaceutical entity that allowed a Class 5 Pharmaceutical NANO trademark approval for Oncology Cannabinoid Medicines that Robinson formulated, allowing the team to advance in the new expansive marketplace.

"Beyond pain relief, his formulation per its trademark can allow for hair and skin growth in medicinal preparations for oncology," Uhalley stated. "Mike saw the loophole when the U.S. Government declared Cannabis essential, so we grabbed the trademarks on terpenes as essential oils. We’re a team, a small team, but we get things done. Mike’s deep down the R&D rabbit hole while I make sure it’s all proprietary."

Uhalley, communications director for GCRC, continued. "I’ve watched Mike work helping the masses in need of Cannabis oils; his daughter was one of the thousands of severely ill people he’s helped. It’s why he’s so dedicated to compassionate care, why we partnered up to create Nanobles, and why when everyone was struggling in the wake of COVID, we knew he had to get creative."

"I’m deeply honored by the High Times 100 list, but at the same time, it’s bittersweet," Robinson said. "Many old-timers once involved in cannabis compassion have moved on, with few left to fill the shoes. We used to dig and scrape to get by, which I still do. It was all about giving back, and now I find myself on a list of MBAs in an industry worth Billions. I fall between the compassion and profit eras of Cannabis and have never expanded into the market with retail products. Maybe I’m living my life backward? When I was young, as a racecar driver, I was financially able to give back differently. After a decade of gifting cannabis oils, it’s time to develop cannabinoid medicine for people who need options."

David said, "When I think of what his NANO formulations will mean to a frightened little girl getting cancer treatments afraid of losing her hair? I agree with High Times; he deserves this honor."

In 2018 and 2019, High Times released their Top 100 lists honoring Industry leaders. After 2 years off they’re holding an awards ceremony next week.

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