Get Good Life Announces Online Discount Pharmacy Delivery in Texas

SAN ANTONIO, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Get Good Life is proud to announce the launch of their online pharmacy in Texas. Dr. Riyad Hasanali, the founder of Get Good Life, says, "We opened Get Good Life with the intention of bringing back the ideals and values of pharmacy customer service. We pride ourselves in delivering fast, friendly and personal care. Our patients are like family to us."

This online pharmacy is available for anyone who lives in Texas, with plans to expand to half of the country in 2022. The pharmacy, which started as a local pharmacy in San Antonio, saw that over the last few years, insurance companies had taken their profits to a whole new level, forcing many patients to have to choose between what they need and what they can afford.

"We found ourselves bypassing copays more and more and offering cash prices to our patients," Dr. Hasanali explains. "Word got around about our great prices because we now serve thousands of patients who use us for our transparent, down-to-earth prices." Seeing the impact this made on his community is the driving force behind taking this new concept to the digital space and offering online pharmacy delivery services.

Get Good Life has all of the generic prescription medications of a local pharmacy to help patients dealing with a wide range of symptoms, from anxiety and depression to Type 2 diabetes. Almost anything you can get at a local pharmacy you can order online with Get Good Life.

Get Good Life offers three unique value propositions: a personal approach to the online pharmacy, no robots, and no computer messages — just real people ready to help and guide their customers. The prescriptions are ready for delivery, which means no more waiting in lines; the staff is ready to ship out the medications as soon as they get a prescription. Finally, customers will not find better prices!

Another unique aspect of Get Good Life is they don’t accept insurance. Often, when the copays are added up along with deductibles for generic drugs, customers end up paying fees to middlemen like insurance companies and plan administrators; whereas, Get Good Life eliminates the middleman, passing on the savings to their valued customers. Because of this, they are also able to cut out the traditional overhead costs of pharmacies, affording their customers the benefit of free shipping on all orders. "Imagine getting a whole year’s supply of the medication you need delivered to your doorstep for pennies per day," says Dr. Hasanali.

All customers can easily transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy or from the doctor prescribing just by following the easy instructions laid out on their website.

Those interested in joining the Good Life Pharmacy Family can get started here:  

About Get Good Life

Good Life Pharmacy decided to start their Get the Good Life platform to be able to service more patients even further than their backyard. They want to help everyone, no matter where they are located. Now, Get Good Life serves all of Texas, and by the end of 2021, they aim to be able to serve more than half the country, making a huge impact on others’ lives. Get Good Life thinks outside of the box — and their wild success serving the needs of their customers is how they know they are on the right track.

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