Genetic Genealogist Geraldine Berger Helps Adoptees and Others to Solve Family Mysteries With Her New Guide, Living In The Know

WARWICK, R.I., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ten million adults nationwide were adopted as infants, and for many their "family histories remain a mystery," according to Geraldine Berger, who has written a book on using DNA testing to find birth families. A professional genetic genealogist, Berger specializes in solving family tree mysteries for her clients, bringing resolution and closure. Living in the Know, Berger’s step-by-step guide to finding family with DNA testing came from years of research based on her own experience identifying her birth parents.

According to Berger, only 10 states allow adoptees unrestricted access to their original birth certificates, and even in those states, a birth certificate can be a dead end. DNA testing has helped many adoptees find their blood relatives, but the process can be confusing and raise more questions than it answers. Living in the Know, helps cut through confusion to help people reclaim their personal histories. In her book, Berger also chronicles her own search for her birth parents.

Berger, an adoptee-rights activist, is passionate about helping people discover the truth of their origins. "DNA is a game-changer, placing the power of knowing who you are back where it belongs—in the hands of the individual," said Berger.

Living in the Know helps individuals get started through DNA testing, but sometimes the search is more art than science. Berger knows that the DNA test is only the beginning. "People test thinking the results will give them ‘the answer,’ says Berger, "but more often than not they say, ‘Now what?’" This is where Berger’s clients come to her asking for help.

Living in the Know: The Adoptee’s Quick-Start Guide to Finding Family with DNA Testing is available on Amazon. For more information or to contact Geraldine, visit


A professional genetic genealogist, Berger specializes in helping adult adoptees identify and locate their birth parents and other family members, using DNA evidence. An adoptee herself, Berger has cracked hundreds of cases, including her own, and her successes have appeared in news outlets worldwide. In May 2021, she published her book, "Living In The Know: The Adoptee’s Quick Start Guide to Finding Family with DNA Testing," available on Amazon:

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