GeneMetrics Launches Industry’s First Integrated Genetic and Bloodwork Deep Analysis Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GeneMetrics, an innovator in the genomics industry, has announced the launch of its new comprehensive genomics and epigenetics platform. This stands as the first in the industry to merge genetic, bloodwork and other lab metrics through advanced algorithms to deliver precision wellness recommendations.

GeneMetrics is taking a novel approach to health and wellness by using custom algorithms to analyze over 800,000 genetic variants in combination with bloodwork and other lab data. This enables their platform to provide precise health recommendations based on metrics from both genetics and environmental data sources. The unique blend of data delivers a more comprehensive health assessment than traditional single variant or standalone genetic analyses.

“Our unique approach helps clinicians, practitioners, and health coaches provide bespoke health and wellness advice in the form of a custom report by connecting the dots between a person’s genes, bloodwork, biome, lifestyle, and more,” said New York Times bestselling author, Benji Rabhan, a founder at GeneMetrics.

Unlike some companies that base their recommendations solely on genetics or separately on bloodwork or other lab data, GeneMetrics’ innovations offer both a broader and more biospecific view of health. This approach provides clients and patients with a clearer understanding of their health and how to optimize it.

GeneMetrics’ platform features include dynamic reports that update as the latest relevant scientific research becomes validated. The integrative analysis and white label partner innovations enable clinicians to collaboratively adjust and expand the algorithms to mimic their own unique way of looking at the data. This platform not only enhances the precision of health recommendations, it also improves patient outcomes through increased adherence, a long-standing challenge in the healthcare sector.

About GeneMetrics:

GeneMetrics is an innovator in the genomics industry offering an exclusively white label and fully customizable genomics, epigenetics and lab work reporting platform. Its mission is to make custom health solutions scalable and available for practitioners, providing actionable research-based insights to improve global health and wellness outcomes.

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