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KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TAICEND TECHNOLOGY is a Taiwan-based company that combines biotechnology with clinical medicine to provide the best solutions for wound healing. Through research and development, we use innovative material technology to identify and resolve issues that clinicians face while treating wounds.

TAICEND aims to optimise each aspect of the wound healing process. First, TAICEND focuses on infection prevention using material technology. We also accelerate granulation and epithelization, and endeavour to shorten the healing time by 50% or more. Examples of material technologies in development are Hydrophilic PU Foam, Hydrophilic PU Gel, Liquid Gel, Skin barrier film, and Pressure relief material.

Hydrophilic PU Foam is an exclusively patented technology which absorbs a large amount of tissue fluid and overcomes adhesion issues, which promotes wound healing quicker. Its superabsorption, high-retention rate, anti-adhesion, moisturization, and breathability results in a shorter inflammation period for the wound, and a faster entry into the healing process. Similar products by competitors lead to a wound bed that is unclean, leading to ulceration and foam residue.  Hydrophilic PU Gel is a patch with high air permeablility, which can be used for long periods of time. The material is soft, can be comfortably worn on bare skin, and controls the proliferation of skin scars. The patch is conformable on the skin, it can be adhered completely and disperses the concentrated pressure on the scar tissue.

Gel is a liquid gel used to make the softening process more effective, removing the scab. Different ingredients can be added to the gel, and the wound gel demonstrates high viscosity. The gel attaches and stays on the wound while maintaining a moist environment.

Skin barrier film is a product which reduces the fragility of infants’ skin, which is prone to allergy and intertrigo. The water-repellent properties of the barrier film can isolate external dirt including bacteria and other agents.  Pressure relief material is a pad which leaves a layer in order for the skin to undergo reduced pressure caused by instruments or items of equipment. Such as BiPAP Mask, O2 mask or medical tube decompression. Under the pressure relief pad, pressure is evenly distributed and can absorb 95% of the pressure injuries caused by the equipment.

Other TAICEND products can be grouped categorically. For acute and chronic wound healing solutions, we offer treatment for bed sores, diabetic foot, burns, and scalds. We also offer products to aid prevention and protection of skin. For surgical wound healing solutions, we offer treatment for c-sections, breast postoperative surgery, and cardiac surgery.

While TAICEND has its roots in Taiwan, our business model operates across North America, Europe, and in the Asia Pacific. We find partners through medical dealer platforms, GPO organisation cooperation, and OTC pharmacies and e-commerce. We are also involved with commercial medical insurance schemes, including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers. If you are a distributor, looking for ODM, or looking for wound healing related products, please contact our Vice President, Ms. Tsumin Huang at tsumin.huang@taicend.com or +866-7-6956313 ext. 801.

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