Fulfill Unmet Needs in Wound Healing and Find the Niche

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan, Nov. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TAICEND TECHNOLOGY will participate in the MEDICA Germany Dusseldorf Medical Exhibition for the first time from November 14th to 17th this year. The MEDICA medical exhibition is the largest annual event in the medical material industry and a world-renowned comprehensive medical exhibition. It is recognized as the world’s largest medical exhibition and provides a strong platform to display our developing technology to Europe.

This year, TAICEND TECHNOLOGY will join 46 other medical material manufacturers in Taiwan to participate in this year’s event. With the assistance of the Taiwan Trade Association, we will build the Taiwan Pavilion and present ourselves on the international stage. With the backdrop of an aging population and healthcare trends, the global care market continues to grow. Companies are searching for wound healing solutions through employing different and more advanced medical materials.

A new generation of material technology that redefines the old concept of wound care

TAICEND TECHNOLOGY will display a series of wound healing products, not only presenting the characteristics of a single product, but also bringing the concept of treatment into the field of wound healing. The TAICEND TECHNOLOGY R&D team has developed a new generation of material technology and redefined the former concept in the field of wound care. This has improved product efficacy and cut the amount of time required for chronic wound healing by nearly half. The company also provides suitable solutions and products tailored for each customer. In addition to reducing the care and economic burden on family members and patients, it also makes it easier for medical staff to handle the wound well, and is a more effective solution for wound healing.

Skin decompression series, fulfilling patient needs

Due to a growing aging population, many elderly people or those with fragile skin often suffer from skin pressure injuries caused by treatment or medical equipment. This year, TAICEND TECHNOLOGY cooperated with Chi Mei Hospital, a well-known hospital in Taiwan, to develop a series of decompression products.

In addition to the decompression pad of CPAP oxygen mask, three new products are also launched for decompression of the skin, such as: a decompression pad for O2 Mask simple oxygen mask, a body decompression pad developed for long-term bedridden patients, a Medical Tube Decompression Pad used for compression injuries caused by medical Tube and the Fixing Device Decompression, which uses a fixed plate for intravenous infusion therapy. There are five products in total, of which three have won awards: one gold medal and two silver medals in the Green Ideas International Invention and Design Competition.

Skin decompression has always been a prominent issue, by which we continue to pay close attention. We have always aimed to employ preventative measures before skin pressure injuries appear. We took the opportunity to collaborate with Chi Mei Hospital through help from medical staff. Helpful feedback and suggestions create the most suitable decompression products.

Please visit us at the TAICEND TECHNOLOGY booth.

Exhibition time: November 14-17, 2022


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