Founder of Cornerstone of Southern California, Dr. Michael Stone, Receives ‘Spirit of Recovery’ Award via Zoom Event – Celebrating the Lifetime Accomplishments of an Addiction and Recovery Expert

SANTA ANA, Calif., Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hemet Valley Recovery Center (HVRC) announced it would present its annual Joseph L. Galletta "Spirit of Recovery" Award to Dr. Michael Stone via a gala Zoom event. Dr. Stone is the founder of the Cornerstone of Southern California addiction treatment center, one of the longest-running and most successful mental and behavioral healthcare facilities in the area. The "Spirit of Recovery" award is named after addiction-treatment pioneer Dr. Joseph Galletta, who selflessly embodied the importance of encouragement, kindness, and teamwork in early identification and addiction-intervention protocols. The award is given to a care practitioner who demonstrates "a dedication to 12-Step philosophy, leadership in the recovery field, the encouragement of others, and the promotion of sober lifestyles."

"We are excited to present this year’s ‘Spirit of Recovery’ Award to an icon in the field – Dr. Michael Stone," said HVRC Executive Director and Co-Founder, Steven Collier. "We invite you all to join us, along with the Galletta family, in honoring a man who has spent nearly his entire professional life dedicated to the diagnosis, care, and rehabilitation of those suffering with addiction."

The 2021 "Spirit of Recovery" Award Event

  • Date: December 2, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (U.S. and Canada)
  • Location: Join Zoom Meeting: Zoom.Ink or log in with ID 749 766 3186 and Passcode 937140

Cornerstone Founder: Dr. Michael Stone, MD, FAAFP, ABAM, FASAM

During the course of his long and distinguished career, Dr. Stone has treated over 80,000 addicts and their families since 1969, when he opened and directed the first in-hospital drug and alcohol treatment center in Canada. Well versed in the treatment of addiction, Dr. Stone then moved on to become Medical Director of Care Unit Hospital in Orange County, California. During this time, while addressing an alcohol and drug addiction epidemic, he was asked by the Betty Ford Clinic to help train their original medical staff to meet a rising need.

Dr Stone became Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Cornerstone of Southern California in 1984, where he still practices – addressing the needs of alcoholics and addicts who find prolonged hospital stays too expensive or clinically stifling for their recovery. Cornerstone is a safe and nurturing environment that treats patients as whole people, fostering a spirit of community and unity. Cornerstone ultimately allows addicts to return to their lives after learning about the disease of addiction, defining and exploring their triggers, and looking deeper into the root causes to avoid relapsing in the future.

"My biggest motivator for opening Cornerstone was seeing patients in the hospital where I had previously been employed and having to let patients go before I believed they were ready to leave," said Dr. Stone. "Addiction impacts the mind, body, as well as the spirit, so although the body may present itself as physically fit, the mind and spirit will take much longer to heal. I built Cornerstone of Southern California on this premise – so that addicts could be given a safe, non-judgmental space where they would be able to take all the time they needed to heal these three important components of the self."

To learn more about Dr. Stone and his treatment plans, please visit Cornerstone online.

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