For Increasingly Isolated Seniors, Assistance Now Stands Alone in Safety Wearables; Managed by Care Professionals and Powered by Industry Leaders

IRVINE, Calif., May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Coming to market soon, “Assistance Now” is a smartwatch that monitors a loved one’s well-being from anywhere in the world. It is the only safety wearable in the country that can send a care aide to the home or a virtual meeting with a doctor in the event of a non-medical emergency.

Assistance Now engaged tech leaders for version 2.0. – Datanetix Solutions for the mobile app and Samsung’s state-of-the-art electronics, with 4G LTE reliability, for the wearable device. Nick Payzant, Founder and CEO said, “Of all the technology available to us, we chose to use Samsung, because it’s the most advanced technology that exists today.” Nick further explained, “Leveraging technology to assist our most vulnerable, helps tremendously in today’s environment where our elders want to live at home, home care labor is expensive, often times unavailable, and the pandemic has isolated our elderly loved ones.”

The Assistance Now smartwatch with extended battery life is paired with a powerful app. The app monitors falls, medications, heart rate parameters, movement, and location – all while being in a safe environment at home, protected from possible exposure to COVID and other communicable illnesses. Alerts are emitted to family members and/or friends immediately should a loved one send out an SOS, fall, miss a medication or experience an unusual change in heart rate. Additionally, the watch has an after-hours doctor-on-call feature which gives face to face time with a doctor if needed.

The smartwatch is also a phone. An easy to manage red button on the Assistance Now smartwatch enables the wearer to alert their contact list with a single touch. Should a fall disable the wearer from pressing the button, fall detection alerts the wearer’s contacts instead. A senior friendly band eliminates the hard to use buckle on other watches.

Assistance Now offers flexible program options to suit a range of needs from a person living alone, to a physically disabled person – and of course, the elderly.

  • Family Monitoring¬†
    Anyone in the family can monitor mom or dad and will get alerts and SOS calls when an emergency happens.
  • Professional Monitoring
    Includes a Professional Monitoring Team to monitor, communicate and triage any emergency and non-emergency situation with mom or dad.
  • Medication Management, Heart Rate Monitoring, SOS button, Fall Detection, Phone Calling, Vitals Visibility.
  • Personal Caregiver Visits – an actual caregiver can visit daily or weekly to provide caregiving services such as grocery runs, errands, doctors’ appointments, light cleaning, personal hygiene, companionship, light exercise and more.
  • Homecare Providers – Special rates are available for homecare companies interested in including Assistance Now in their service offerings.

Assistance Now invites you to apply for beta testing the smartwatch and app. Limited testers are available. Please fill-out the submission form at An Assistance Now representative will send a reply email to you within 24 hours.

More information is available at

Assistance Now is a wearable technology company located in Irvine, California that specializes in products, software, and services to enhance the daily lives, safety, and well-being of our seniors.

Media contact: Nick Payzant | Assistance Now
Phone: 877-577-6782

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