Fluxion Launches IonFlux Mercury Ultra, the First Modular Ultra-Throughput Automated Patch Clamp System

ALAMEDA, Calif., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fluxion Biosciences, the global leader in automated patch clamp systems for ion channel drug discovery, just announced the launch of IonFlux Mercury Ultra, the system delivering the highest levels of throughput and modularity ever offered in a patch clamp platform.

IonFlux Mercury Ultra is the ideal solution for labs that require the highest levels of throughput, while maintaining the flexibility to run separate assays simultaneously. The standard configuration consists of four IonFlux recording “modules,” each capable of recording from a 384-well IonFlux plate. Mercury Ultra configurations can range anywhere from two to six different modules, allowing for nearly endless possibilities for high throughput assay development.

The heart of the IonFlux Mercury Ultra is identical to the standard IonFlux Mercury systems, and it automates control of experiments with Fluxionʼs unique microfluidic recording plates. As with all IonFlux systems, the Mercury Ultra offers significant performance advantages: continuous compound perfusion, fast compound on/off times, flexibility to run sophisticated NAM/PAM assays, and the power to perform ensemble or single-cell giga-ohm seal recordings. User-friendly software automates experimental protocols and allows visualization of each assay during the run.

“We’re really excited to offer this new capability for high throughput ion channel screening. By adopting the modular ‘server’ concept from the computer industry, we’ve increased both performance and flexibility. Throughput and reliability are enhanced by multiplexing individual systems in an integrated package with single-point control,” said Dr. Ali Yehia, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer. “This new package is ideal for pharmaceutical companies and CROs that need the highest throughput, flexibility, and reliability in their ion channel screening platforms.”

The IonFlux Mercury Ultra system is available immediately.

About Fluxion Biosciences

Fluxion Biosciences manufactures the IonFlux automated patch clamp system for ion channel drug discovery. The system deploys a unique in-plate cell attachment, recording and drug delivery system that provides rapid parallel recordings for ligand- and voltage-gated channels and facilitates complicated drug screening assays.  Premier institutions globally use Fluxion’s pioneering platforms, including the IsoFlux liquid biopsy system and the BioFlux cell analysis system in various disease research areas, including cancer, microbiology, and immunology.


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