Fenix Health Science Announces New MicroVita® Probiotic to Support Focus and Mood

ATLANTA, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fenix Health Science, LLC has released their new MicroVita® Probiotic Kit, which includes two products, MicroVita® Focus and MicroVita® Mood. What makes this kit unique is the formulations contain specific probiotic strains in clinically validated amounts that support focus, mood, and emotional regulation.

“Substantial emerging evidence suggests that gut microorganisms play a role in brain function and behavior, since the gut and brain communicate back and forth through the enteric nervous system, which is referred to as the gut-brain axis.” – Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, HpN, RMT, Co-formulator of MicroVita®.

The specific probiotic strains included have been clinically shown to support regulation of dopamine (focus), serotonin, and brain-derived neurotropic factor or BDNF (mood). MicroVita® Focus has six probiotic strains (including PS128® (Lactobacillus plantarum)) that have been clinically proven to significantly improve attention and reduce hyperactivity. MicroVita® Mood also has six probiotic strains that have been clinically shown to support mood, reduce stress, and diminish anxiety.

With the MicroVita® Probiotic Kit, the program starts with taking MicroVita® Focus for one month, MicroVita® Mood for the second month, and pausing for the third month before repeating the program. By alternating the probiotics monthly, it increases healthy microbiota variation, and the planned third month break allows the microbiota to come to equilibrium.

So why take the MicroVita® Probiotic Kit?

  • 12 probiotic strains that support focus, mood, and emotional regulation
  • Support mental health by addressing gut health
  • Great for individuals with a less varied diet

“The goal of Fenix Health Science has always been to provide nutrition to help people with their mental health naturally. With our first supplement, Accentrate®, we provided omega-3s in the form the brain actually uses, and now, we’re branching out to support mental health through the gut.

We’ve listened to our customers and partnered with Jennifer Giustra-Kozek in developing a probiotic specifically formulated to heal the gut by strengthening the gut-brain axis. The result was MicroVita®,” says Brett Bartel, M.S., Esq., Chief Science Officer at Fenix Health Science.

Founded in 2017, Fenix Health Science, LLC. develops nutritional supplements that are specifically formulated to address nutritional concerns related to mental health issues. Fenix Health Science is a family-owned business and was founded to help Brett’s son who deals with inattention and emotional dysregulation. As a founder and the Chief Science Officer, Brett has a strong background in life sciences. He holds a Master of Science in Molecular Biology from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Law Degree from Georgia State University.

Fenix Health Science has partnered with Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, HpN, RMT in formulating their new probiotics. Jennifer is the author of Healing Without Hurting and a board-certified psychotherapist with a Master of Science in Counseling. She is certified in integrative medicine for mental health with extensive experience in private practice, specializing in ADHD, depression, anxiety/OCD, and autism.

Alyssa Holder
Fenix Health Science

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